Saturday, October 23, 2021

Color Coded Challenge 2022: My Sign-Up


Every year I think I've used up my last title with "Brown" (or a shade of brown) for the Color Coded Reading Challenge and every year I prove myself wrong (or buy more books with suitable titles). I'll keep signing up as long as I have suitable titles (I'm determined to use titles and not covers).

Here's the basic rule: read nine books with the various colors listed below in their titles or as a dominant color/image on their covers. For full details, click the link above. I'll list my books and date read as they come.

1. Read book with "Blue" (or a shade of blue):
The Case of the Sapphire Brooch by Christopher Bush (4/30/22)

2. Read a book with "Red" (or a shade of red):
The Ruby Raven by Michael Dahl (1/19/22)

3. Read a book with "Yellow" (or a shade of yellow):
The Golden Box by Frances Crane (2/14/22)

4. Read a book with "Green" (or a shade of green):
The Green Island Mystery by Betsy Allen (1/24/22)

5. Read a book with "Brown" (or a shade of brown):
Raisins & Almonds by Kerry Greenwood (4/30/22)

6. Read a book with "Black" (or a shade of black):
Black Sun by Rebecca Roanhorse (1/8/22)

7. Read a book with "White" (or a shade of white):
The White Elephant Mystery by Ellery Queen, Jr. (6/25/22)

8. Read a book with any other color:
The Secret of the Golden Pavilion by Carolyn Keene (6/26/22)

9. Read a book a word/image that implies color (rainbow, polka dot, etc):
The Sunburned Corpse by Adam Knight [sunburned = red, to my mind] (4/4/22)


goldmoon said...

I'm in the color coded challenge! :-)

Tennille said...

Joining this challenge! Looking forward to it! (Tennille)