2018 Challenges

It's that time again. Time to start thinking about next year's challenges. I've already posted the sign-up pages for those that I will be sponsoring in 2018 and I'll soon link up my personal sign-ups for most of them. I'm still going to try and stick with my "challenge diet"--signing primarily for challenges where I can use books from my TBR piles. My intentions are to do mystery-related and challenges based on books read and fewer challenges that would require me to read books I don't already have on the TBR piles.

Here is where I'll keep track of the challenges I do sign up for. I will enter the completion dates in the brackets as they come along.

1. Vintage Mystery Challenge: Just the Facts, Ma'am [Completed 12/26/18]

2. Mount TBR [Completed 11/3/18--still reading]
3. Color Coded [Completed 8/23/18]
4. Read It Again, Sam [Completed 2/16/18] 
5. Reading Challenge Addict [Completed12/26/18 ]
6. Charity Reading Challenge [Completed 3/30/18 -- Still reading!]
7. Strictly Print Reading Challenge [DNF]
8. PopSugar Reading Challenge [Completed 11/15/18]
9. Humor Reading Challenge [Completed 10/30/18]
10. Monthly Key Word [Completed 12/7/18]
11. The Official 2018 TBR Pile Challenge [Completed 12/21/18]
12. Alphabet Soup Reading Challenge [Completed 12/16/18]
13. Cloak & Dagger Reading Challenge [Completed 8/12/18]
14. Birth Year Challenge [DNF ]
15. Book Challenge by Erin 8.0 [Completed 4/1/18 ]
16. Cruisin' Thru the Cozies [Completed 4/13/18]
17. Craving for Cozies [Complete 4/13/18]
18. Vintage SF not-a-challenge [January-only; Completed1/28/18]
19. Monthly Motif Reading Challenge [Complete 12/24/18]
20. What's in a Name 2018 [Complete 8/7/18]
21. European Reading Challenge 2018 [Complete 12/24/18]
22. Back to the Classics 2018 [Complete 9/18/18]
23. 52 Books in 52 Weeks [Complete 12/24/18]
24. Dread & Read Challenge [Complete 11/12/18]
25. Family Tree Reading Challenge [Completed 8/5/18 -- Still reading!]
26. Ngaio Marsh Reading Challenge [Complete 12/20/18]
27. Read One Million Pages [perpetual] (2018 goal completed: 12/24/18 ) 
28. A Century of Books [two-year] (2018 goal completed 10/2/18--Still Reading)
29. Reporter's Challenge 2018 [Completed 8/7/18]
30. 2018 Sci-Fi Experience [Completed 1/28/18] 
31. How Many Names Can You Find? [Completed 4/14/15 --45 found! But still hunting.] 
32. Book Challenge by Erin 9.0 [Completed 9/18/18]
33. R.eaders I.mbibing P.eril [Completed 10/28/18]
34. Christmas Spirit Reading Challenge [Completed 12/31/18]


Jamie Ghione said...

This one is up now, along with all her other challenges:

Unknown said...

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