TBR (Wish List)

At one time or another each of these books grabbed my interest--some of them I don't even remember why.  But maybe one day I'll get around to them and find out.  Almost everything on this list is a mystery...other genres will be marked.

About the Murder of Geraldine Foster by Anthony Abbott
2.  The Key of the Tower by Gilbert Adair
3. Blazing Tree by Mary Jo Adamson
4. Crime at Christmas by Jack Adrian & Robert Adey (eds)
5. The Art of the Impossible by Adrian & Adey (eds)
6. Castle Barebane by Joan Aiken
7. Deception by Aiken
8. Murder Among Thieves by Peter Alding
9. Quaker Witness Irene Allen
10. Spence & the Holiday Murders by Michael Allen
11. The Talk Show Murders by Steve Allen
12. A Little Learning Is a Dangerous Thing by Lou ALlin
13. Look to the Lady (aka the Gyrth Chalice Mystery); Death of a Ghost; The Mind Readers by Margery Allingham
14. Death of a Fellow Traveller (Nobody Wore Black); The Body on Page One; Lucky Jane (For Old Crime's Sake); Corpse Diplomatique; Murder Maestro, Please by Delano Ames
15. Trail of Murder by Christine Andreae
16. Death in a High Latitude by James Anderson
17. Midnight Lady & the Mourning Man by David Anthony
18. Woman in the Wardrobe by Peter Antony
19. Gull Yard by Margaret Archer
20. Lament for a Lady Laird by Margo Arnold
21. An Ideal Crime by Jeffrey Ashford
22. Bodies; Political Suicide; A Fatal Attachment; The Bad Samaritan; No Place of Safety; A Fall from Grace; A Charitable Body; Death on the High C's; Death in a Cold Climate; A City of Strangers; The Masters of the House; Unholy Dying; A Cry from the Dark; the Graveyard Position; Dying Flames; The Killings on Jubilee Terrace; A Stranger in the Family by Robert Barnard
23. House Across the Park by Max Barrett
24. Exit, Orange & Red by Martyn Bedford
25 Murder Intended; No Fury (aka Murdered One by One);  The Big Fish (aka Heads Off at Midnight) by Francis Beeding
26. The Lace Curtain Murders; Eyewitness to Murder by Sophie Belfort
27. Murder in Hospital; The Summer School Mystery; The Port of London Murders; The Upfold Witch; The Seeing Eye  by Josephine Bell
28. The Grand Babylon Hotel by Arnold Bennet
29. Footsteps in the Fog; Ring the Bell Softly; Voice in the Darkness by Pamela Bennett
30. House of the Moreys by Phyllis Bentley
31. Deadly Kisses by Phil Berger
32. The Layton Court Mystery; The Wychford Poisoning Case;A Puzzle in Poison (Not to Be Taken); Roger Sheringham & the Vane Mystery (The Mystery at Lovers' Cave); Death in the House; Top Story Murder; Jumping Jenny (Dead Mrs. Stratton); Murder in the Basement; Panic Party (Mr. Pidgeon's Island);  The Second Shot by Anthony Berkley
33. The House Without a Key (#50 WWII Pocket Book edition); The Black Camel (#133 WWII Pocket Book edition) by Earl Derr Biggers
34. Interface for Murder by Lloyd Biggle
35. The Widening Stain by Morris Bishop
36. Murder at the Met by David Black
37. The Penny Murders; Death by Hoax; Swinging Murders by Lionel Black (aka Anthony Matthews)
38. The Foggy, Foggy Dew; The Gallant; The Bitter Conquest; Young Lucifer (The Briar Patch); The Exorcism (A House Possessed); Mr. Christopolous; The English Wife (The Factor's Wife); Monkey on a Chain(When the Sun Goes Down); The Knock at Midnight; The Widow (Party in Dolly Creek); The Lemmings (The Melon in the Corn Field); Ghost Town; The Shirt Front (I Met Murder on the Way); Miss Charley; With Fondest Thoughts by Charity Blackstock
39. The Beast Must Die; The Corpse in the Snowman (The Case of the Abominable Snowman); Head of a Traveller; The Morning afte Death; Whisper in the Gloom (read); Deadly Joker by Nicholas Blake
40. Old Mrs. Camelot; High Pavement; No Grave for a Lady; Better [Off] Dead; The Private Face of Murder; This Side Murder {aka Murder on the Costa Brava}; The Sound of Murder; No Time to Kill by John & Emery Bonett
41. Dead Reckoning by Francis Bonnamy
42. King Is Dead on Queen Street by Francis Bonnamy
43. Nine Times Nine; Rocket to the Morgue; The Case of the Solid Key; Case of the Seven of Cavalry; The Case of the Seven Sneezes; Far & Away; Exeunt Murderers; The Case of the Baker Street 44. Burning of Bridget Cleary by Angela Bourke
45. Postscript to Poison; Shadows Before; Fear & Miss Betony; The Bells of Old Bailey; Deed Without a Name by Dorothy Bower
46. Murder in the Stacks by Marion Boyd (Havinghurst)
47. Fog of Doubt; The Three-Cornered Hat; Heads You Lose; Suddenly at His Residence(aka The Crooked Wreath) by Christianna Brand
48. The Traces of Brillhart; A Matter of Fact; The Darker the Night; Hardly a Man Is Now Alive by Herbert Brean
49. Many by Emily Brightwell (Mrs. Jeffries series)
50. The Cambridge Murders by Adam Broome
51. The Oxford Murders by Adam Broome
52. Case with Four Clowns (Sgt Beef); At Death's Door; Death of a Cold; Death for a Ducat; Cold Blood; A Louse for the Hangman; Death on the Black Sands; Nothing Like Blood; Crack of Doom (Such Is Death); Our Jubilee Is Death; Death on Romney Marsh; Death with a Blue Ribbon; Death on Allhallowe'En; Death by the Lake; Death of a Bovver Boy; Death at Hollow's End by Leo Bruce
53. A Taste of Power by W. J. Burley
54. Three-Toed Pussy by W. J. Burley
55. Crime Classics: The Mystery Story from Poe to the Present by Rex Burns & Mary Rose Sullivan (eds)
56. A Coffin from the Past; The King Cried Murder; A Coffin for Pandora; Sarsen Palace; Vesey Inheritance; A Coffin in Oxford; Olivia by Gwendoline Butler
57. Solemn High Murder by Barbara Ninde Byfield
58. Rest Without Peace by Elizabeth Byrd
59. Murder Scholastic by Janet Caird
60. Forty Whacks by Sheila MacGill Callahan
61. Death at the Dog; Murder Included {aka Poisoned Relations OR The Taste of Murder}; Body in the Beck; Long Shadows; And Be a Villain; All Is Discovered  by Joanna Cannon
62. The Defective Detective by Steve Carper (ed)
63.  The Devil in Velvet; It Walks by Night (#101 WWII Pocket Book edition); Most Secret; In Spite of Thunder; The Four False Weapons (read); The Mad Hatter Mystery; Problem of the Wire Cage (Bantam Edition #304); Dr. Fell, Detective, & Other Stories; The Problem of the Green Capsule (The Black Spectacles) (Bantam Edition # 101 only); Deadly Hall;The Red Widow Murders; The Unicorn Murders; The Ghost's High Noon; The Magic Lantern Murders (The Punch & Judy Murders); Seeing Is Believing (Cross of Murder); (Death &) The Gilded Man; She Died a Lady; He Wouldn't Kill Patience;  Night at the Mocking Window (read); The Peacock Feather Murders (The Ten Teacups)(read); The Reader Is Warned; Nine--And Death Makes Ten (Murder in the Atlantic OR Murder in the Submarine Zone) (read); And So To Murder; Department of Queer Complaints; March, Merrivale & Murder by John Dickson Carr [some as Carter Dickson]
64. Death of a Chancellor by Warren Carrier
65. Bedelia by Vera Caspary (author of Laura)
66. A Chosen Sparrow by Caspary
67. The Man Who Loved His Wife by Caspary
68. Ruth by Caspary
69. Blood in the Heather by Stephen Chalmers
70. Crime in Car 13 by Stephen Chalmers
71. Our First Murder by Torrey Chanslor
72. Web of Allyngrood by Francesca Chimenti
73.  Death After Evensong; Sweet Poison; Deadly Pattern; Heberden's Seat; Bouquet Garni; Storm Center by Douglas Clark
74. Baroness of Bow Street by Gail Clark
75. The Lady in Black; Last Voyage; Plot, Counter-Plot; Soon She Must Die; Last Judgment; The Mystery Lady; Last Seen in London; Murder in Writing by Anne Clark
76. The Fifth Tumbler by Clyde Clason
77. The Man from Tibet by Clyde Clason
78. Welcome Death; Only a Matter of Time by V. C. Clinton-Bradley
79. Who Killed the Curate?; The Mystery of Orchard House; Why Did she Die (aka Penelope Passes) by Joan Coggin
80. Angel Without Mercy by Anthea Cohen
81. Off With Her Head by GDH and MI Cole
82. A Knife in the Dark by GDH and MI Cole
83. The Far Traveller; Brief Candles; Happy Returns; Come & Go; Drink to Yesterday  by Manning Coles
84. The Fog Comes by Mary Collins
85. The Case with Nine Solutions; Grim Vengeance; Gold Brick Island by J. J. Connington
86. Hearse of a Different Color by Merle Constiner
87. Murder at the Rose by Judith Cook
88. The Curse of the Fleers by Basil Copper
89. The Dark Mirror by Basil Copper
90. Cinnamon Murder by Francis Crane
91. The Figure in the Dusk by John Creasey
92. One Dead Dean; A Dangerous Thing by Bill Crider
93. The Ponson Case by Freeman Wills Crofts
94. Great Unsolved Crimes by A. J. Cronin, R. Austin Freeman, & Dorothy L Sayers
95. The Fast Death Factor by Patricia Crosby
96. The Puzzled Heart by Amanda Cross
97. Murder in a Minor Key (aka Requiem for Ashes) by D. A. Crossman
98. Dead as Dead Can Be; Clively Close: Wait for the Dark by Ann Crowleigh
99. Murder at the B-School by Jeffrey Cruishank
100. Dying Fall by Judith Cutler
101. Crime for Christmas by Richard Dalby (ed)
102. The Fowler Formula by Herbert Dalmas
103. The Book of the Dead; Deadly Nightshade; Death & Letters; Murders in Volume 2 by Elizabeth Daly
102. A Capitol Offense by Jocelyn Davey
103. The Murder in the Laboratory by T. L. Davidson (aka D. L. Thomson)
104. Coffins for Three by Frederick C Davis
105. Tell Them What's-Her-Name Called by Mildred Davis
106. Murder Is a Serious Business; Murder a Mile High; Murder Is a Collector's Item by Elizabeth Dean
107. Death & the Mad Heroine; Ceremony of Innocence; Such Pretty Toys; The Accused; By Frequent Anguish by S. F. X. Dean
108. The Hog Murders by Willaim DeAndrea
109. Elizabeth Is Missing by Lillian de la Torre
110. Out of Circulation; Catalogue of Death; Bookmarked to Die; Index to Murder by Jo Dereske
111. Double Death by The Detection Club (Dorothy L Sayers, et al)
112. Devil at Your Elbow; Death Is My Bridegroom by D. M. (Dominic) Devine
Last Seen Wearing by Colin Dexter
113. A Rich, Full Death by Michael Dibdin
114. At Some Forgotten Door by Doris Miles Disney
115. The Balcony by Dorothy Cameron Disney
116. Haunting;  (#2) The House of the Red Slayer; (#1) The Nightingale Gallery by P. C. Doherty
117. An English Murder by Louise Doughty
118. The Sherlock Holmes Pocket Book by Arthur Conan Doyle (WWII Pocket Book edition--must have)
119. Die Laughing; A Mourning Wedding; Fall of a Philanderer; Gunpowder Plot; The Bloody Tower; Black Ship  by Carola Dunn
120. Streaked With Crimson by Charles Judson Dutton
121. Close His Eyes by Olivia Dwight
122. Murder in a Cathedral; The Saint Valentine's Day Murder; Murdering Americans by Ruth Dudley Edwards
123. Give Up the Ghost; The Voice in the House (The Whispering House); I Knew McBean (Caravan of Night); The Silver Ladies (The Disappearing Bridegroom); The Brood of Folly; The Case of Mary Fielding; The Ewe Lamb; The Limping Man (And Being Dead OR The Painted Mask); A Graveyard Plot (The House of the Enchantress); Old Mrs. Ommaney Is Dead (Fatal Relations OR The Dead Don't Speak); Dead by Now; Look Behind You, Lady (Death of Our Dear One OR Don't Look Behind You) by Margaret Erskine
124. Horizontal Man by Helene Eustis
125. The Lost Keats; Deadstick by Terence Faherty
126. Blackstone Stories by Richard Falkirk (Derek Lambert)
127. Mystery in White; The 5:18 Mystery; (The Mystery of) Dead Man's Heath; The Fancy Dress Ball (Death in Fancy Dress) by J. Jefferson Farjeon
128. The Missing Link; The Cretan Counterfeit by Katherine Farrar
Gownsman's Gallows by Katherine Farrar
129. The Crime & the Crystal; Furnished for Murder (Unreasonable Doubt OR Count the Cost); Murder Anonymous; Foot in the Grave; Experiment with Death by E. X. Ferrars
130. Rub-a-dub-dub by Robert L Fish
131. Academic Murder by Dorsey Fiske
132. Dying to Get Published by Judy Fitzwater
133. Screams from a Penny Dreadful; Too Late, Too Late the Maiden Cried; Nothing Is the Number When You Die by Joan Fleming
134. The Ebony Box; The Murder at Wrides Park; The Yorkshire Moorland Murder; The Matheson Formula; The Dressing Room Murder by J. S. Fletcher
135. Born to the Purple by S. L. Florian
136. By the Watchman's Clock; The Strangled Witness; Ill-Met by Moonlight; The Simple Way of Poison; Siren in the Night; False to Any Man (aka Snow-White Murder); Old Lover's Ghost; Murder of a Fifth Columnist; Road to Folly; All for the Love of a Lady (aka Crack of Dawn); Honolulu (Murder) Story; The Woman in Black; Washington Whispers Murder (aka Lying Jade); Reno Rendezvous (aka Mr. Cromwell Is Dead); The Town Cried Murder by Leslie Ford (plus 14 more)
137. Publish or Perish? by H. L. Forrest
138. Who Killed Mr. Garland's Mistress?; Death Through the Looking Glass; A Child's Garden of Death by Richard Forrest
138. Silver Goblet by Richard Foxall
140. Murder Comes to Eden; Philadelphia Murder Story; The Man from Scotland Yard by David Frome (aka Leslie Ford)
141. A Convenient Death by Ruth Galbraith
142. Too Many Magicians by Randall Garrett
143. Death in the Blackout by Anthony Gilbert
144. Murder Cheats the Bride by Anthony Gilbert
145. Close Quarters by Michael Gilbert
146. The Estrucan Net (aka The Family Tomb) by Michael Gilbert
147. Murder Puluperfect; A File on Death; No Better Fiend; Death & the Leaping Ladies; Death Among the Stars; Stab in the Back; An Entry of Death; A Death at the Bar; Some Beasts No More; Bardel's Murder; A Death in the Church: Picture of Death by Kenneth Giles
148. Caught in the Light; Painting the Darkness; Take No Farewell (aka Debt of Dishonor); Past Caring; Hand in Glove by Robert Goddard
149. Murder for Christmas by Thomas Godfrey (ed); Gahan Wilson (illustrator)
150. The Cipher by Alex Gordon
151. Seven Clues in Search of a Crime; House with Crooked Walls; A Case for Solomon; Work for the Hangman; And a Bottle of Rum; Dead Pigs at Hungry Farm; A Murder of Some Importance; Body Unknown by Bruce Graeme
152. The Fiend in Human by John Gray
153. Death in the Country by Christine Green
154. John Dickson Carr: The Man Who Explained Miracles by Douglas Greene & Robert Adey (eds) Biography
155. Ladycat by Nancy Greenwald
156. An Academic Death by J. M. Gregson
157. The Temptation of Adam by Helmut Gruber
158. Not a Creature Was Stirring by Jane Haddam
159. Quoth the Raven by Jane Haddam
160. Death Is No Sportsman by Cyril Hare
161. Real Murders by Charlaine Harris
162. The Labor Day Murder & The Silver Anniversary Murder by Lee Harris
163. Death Set to Music (aka Pel & the Parked Car) by Mark Hebden
164. Murder at Whittenham Park by R. W. Heber
165. If Wishes Were Horses by Tim Hemlin
166. Murder on Deck by Rosemary Herbert (ed)
167. Cradle of Crime; Holiday for Murder; Twice Dead; Ransom Game; Some Run Crooked; No Bird Sang; The Anathema Stone; Surrender Value; Focus on Crime; Corridors of Guilt by John Buxton Hilton
168. Music To Murder By by Vernon Hinkle
169. Death at the Wedding by Anne Hocking
170. Curly Smoke by Susan Holtzer
171. Then There Were Three by Geoffrey Homes
172. The Girl Who Died; She Died Because; Dead Against My Principles; Body Blow  by Kenneth Hopkins
173. Elementary, Mrs. Hudson; Most Baffling, Mrs. Hudson; The Game's Afoot, Mrs. Hudson by Sydney Hosier
174. An Educated Murder by J. R. Hulland
175. Mystery of a Hansom Cab by Fergus Hume
176. Gently Does It; Gently by the Shore; Gently Down the Stream; Gently to the Summit;  by Alan Hunter
177. Who Goes Hang; Green Grow the Tresses-O; Top Bloody Secret by Stanley Hyland
178. Old Hall, New Hall (aka A Question of Queens) by Michael Innes
179. Let There Be Blood: The Egyptian Coffin; Fool's Gold; In the Kingdom of Mists (Monet); In the City of Dark Waters (Monet) by Jane Jakeman
180. Foul Deeds by Susan James
181. Death by Request by Romilly & Katherine John
182. Servant's Problem; Shady Doings; The Singing Widow; Murder by the Day; Hush, Gabriel by Veronica Parker Johns
183. Murder in the New Age by D. J. H. Jones
184. Don't Just Die There by Henry Kane
185. A Rush on the Ultimate; A Remarkable Case of Burglary by H. R. F. Keating
186. In the Shadow of King's; My Sister's Keeper; Old Wounds; Hot Pursuit by Nora Kelly
187. The Summertime Soldiers by Susan Kelly
188. The Queen Is Dead by Glenn Kezger
189. Do Not Disturb; Eat, Drink & Be Buried; Chivalry Is Dead; Dying Room Only; Maid; Pay the Piper; Ring for Tomb Service  by Kate Kingsbury
190. Trace Elements by Kathryn L Knight
191. The Melancholy Virgin by Annabel Laine
192. The Reluctant Heiress by Annabel Laine
193. Switched Out by Robert Lait
194. Cold Comfort; Midsummer Malice; Murder by Mail  by M. D. Lake
195. The Historical Society Murder by Graham Landrum
196. The Sensational Music Club Murder by Graham Landrum
197. Sherlock Holmes & the Wood Green Empire Mystery by W. Lane
198. Headlined for Murder by Edwin Lanham
199. Dear Dead Professor by K. Alison LaRoche
200. Who Done It? by Alice Laurence & Isaac Asimov
201. The Lost Diaries of Iris Wood by Janice Law
202. Step in the Dark; The Glade Manor Murder; Change for the Worse; Light Through Glass by Elizabeth LeMarchand
203. Something to Hide by Peter Levine
204. A Cracking of Spines by Roy Harley Lewis
205. An Easy Day for a Lady by Gillian Linscott
206. Murder, I Presume by Gillian Linscott
207. Black Corridors; The Black Gloves; Black-Headed Pins; The Black Honeymoon; The Black Paw; The Black Stocking; The Great Black Kanba; The Grey Mist Murders' The Black Shrouds; The Black Rustle  by Constance & Gwenyth Little
208. Mr. & Mrs. North; And Left for Dead; The Untidy Murderer; Murder by the Book; Death on the Aisle; Payoff for the Banker; Think of Death; I Want to Go Home; Spin Your Web, Lady!; Stand Up & Die; Quest of the Bogeyman; Night of Shadows; The Ticking Clock; The Innocent House; The Golden Man; Troubled Journey; Death in a Sunny Place; Death in the Mind by Francis &/or Richard Lockridge
209. The Shakespeare Murders by Amelia Reynolds Long
210. The Murder on the Burrows; The Affair at Thor's Head; Death on the Oxford Road; The Case of Colonel Marchland; Murder in the St. John's Woods; Murder in Chelsea; The Organ Speaks; Crime Counter Crime; A Pall for a Painter; Post After Post-Mortem; These Names Make Clues; Bats in the Belfry; The Devil & the CID; Slippery Staircase; Black Beadle; John Brown's Body; Relative to Poison; Death Before Dinner (aka A Screen for Murder); Part for a Poisoner (aka Place for a Poisoner); Still Waters; Accident by Design; Murder of a Martinet (aka I Could Murder Her); The Dog It Was That Died; Murder in the Mill-Race (aka Speak Justly of the Dead); Crook O'Lune (aka Shepherd's Crook); Let Well Alone; Tryst for a Tragedy; Death at Dyke's Corner; Case in the Clinic; The Sixteenth Stair; Fell Murder; Checkmate to Murder; Fire in the Thatch; The Theft of the Iron Dogs (aka Murderer's Mistake); Ask a Policeman; Murder in Vienna; Dangerous Domicile; Picture of Death; Murder on a Monument; Death in Triplicate (aka People Will Talk)  by E. C. R. Lorac 
211. Sweet Narcissus by M. K. Lorens
212. Death by Jury by John Lutz
213. The Man Who Wanted Seven Wives by Katie Letcher Lyle
214. The White Crow; Persons Unknown (aka The Maze); The Wraith; The Crime Conductor; Rope to Spare; R.I.P. (aka Menace); Death on My Left; Mystery at Friar's Pardon; The Noose; The Link; The Dark Wheel (aka Sweet & Deadly); Escape (aka Mystery in Kensington Gore) by Philip MacDonald
215. Death Is Academic by Amanda MacKay
215. Rest You Merry by Charlotte MacLeod
216. Murder Comes Home by Lucy Beatrice Malleson (aka Anthony Gilbert)
217. Adventures of the Second Mrs. Watson by Michael Mallory
218. Only Security; Grave Goods; A Charitable End by Jessica Mann
219. Murder by the Book: Literary Mysteries from Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine by Cynthia Manson (ed)
220. The Next Margaret by Janice MacDonald Mant
221. Body English by Linda French Mariz
222. Dying Breath by Sarah J Mason
Death Has Green Fingers by Anthony Matthews
223. Dance of Death; The Man in the Moonlight; The Deadly Truth; Who's Calling; Do Not Disturb; the Goblin Market; She Walks Alone (aka Wish You Were Dead); Better Off Dead; Unfinished Crime (aka He Never Came Back); The Long Body; Two-Thirds of a Ghost; The Slayer & the Slain; Before I Die; The Singing Diamonds (aka Surprise, Surprise!); The Further Side of Fear; Mr. Splitfoot; A Change of Heart; The Sleepwalker; Minotaur Country; The Changeling Conspiracy (aka Cruel as the Grave); The Imposter; The Smoking Mirror; Burn This; The Pleasant Assassin  by Helen McCloy
224. Bimbos of the Death Sun by Sharyn McCrumb
225. Night Butterfly by Patricia McFall
226. Murder in the English Department by Valerie Miner
227. Tom Brown's Body; St. Peter's Finger by Gladys Mitchell
228. Seneca Falls Inheritance by Miriam Grace Monfredo
229. A Slay at the Races by Kate Morgan
230. Murder in the Limelight; Murder at the Masque; Murder Makes an EntrĂ©e; Murder with Majesty; Murder in Pug's Parlour; the Wickenham Murders; Murder at the Music Hall; Murder in the Motor Stable; Murder in the Smokehouse; Murder under the Kissing Bough  by Amy Myers
231. Maiden Murders by Mystery Writers of America
232. Murder in Mind by Mystery Writers of America
233. The Barbury Hall Murders by Adam Naef
234. Dead Woman's Ditch by Simon Nash
235. Mandala of Sherlock Holmes  by Jamyang Norbu
236. The Genteel Murderer by Charles Norman
237. Poe Must Die by Marc Olden
238. Double Take by Susan Oleksiw
239. Love Me in Death; Devious Design; Dead Babes in the Wood; Something About Midnight; Gallows for the Groom; Bring the Bride a Shroud by D. B. Olsen
240. The Old Man in the Corner by Baroness Orcczy
241. The Body in the Kelp; The Body in the Bouillon; The Body in the Basement; The Body in the Lighthouse; The Body in the Bonfire; The Body in the Big Apple; The Body in the Snowdrift; The Body in the Moonlight; The Body in the Gallery; The Body in the Attic by Katherine Hall Page
242. Death at Glamis Castle; Death at Hyde Park; Death at Blenheim Palace; Death on the Lizard; Death at Rottingdean; Death at White Chapel by Robin Paige
243. Corpse de Ballet by Ellen Pall
244. Murder on Wheels; The Puzzle of the Pepper Tree; The Riddles of Hildegarde Withers; Miss Withers Regrets; Four Lost Ladies; The Monkey Murders; Nipped in the Bud (aka Trap for a Redhead); People vs. Withers & Malone; Hildagarde Withers Makes the Scene; Cold Poison  by Stuart Palmer
The Godwulf Manuscript by Robert B Parker
245. Faded Coat of Blue by Owen Parry
246. In the Dead of Winter by Abbey PenBaker
247. Stag Dinner Death; A Will to Kill; Death's Long Shadow; Mortal Term by John Penn
248. Around Dark Corners by Hugh Pentecost
249. Valentine by Maureen Peters
250. Death Too Soon; Dartmoor Burial; An Unmourned Death  by Audrey Peterson
251. The Hidden Wrath by Stella Phillips
252. Creeping Venom by Sheila Pim
253. A Brush with Death by Sheila Pim
254. The Experiencesof Loveday Brooke, Lady Detective by C. L. Pirkis
255. The Secret Scroll by Dawn Aldridge Poore
256 A Meddler & Her Murder by Joyce Porter
257. Ledger Is Kept by Raymond Postgate
255. Lay That Pistol Down by Richard Powell
258. The Boudoir Murder by Milton Propper
259. Death Goes to School by Q. Patrick (aka Jonathon Stagge)
Murder at Cambridge by Patrick Quentin (aka Jonathon Stagge)
260. Design for Murder; Death Walk by Erica Quest
261. The French Powder Mystery; The Siamese Twin Mystery; Tragedy of X; The Spanish Cape Mystery; The Dutch Shoe Mystery  by Ellery Queen
262. Murder Isn't Cricket; Who Killed Dick Whittington?; John Kyleing Died; Death Has Two Faces  by Edwin Radford
263. A Cosy Little Murder by Edwin Radford & Mona Augusta Radford
264. Death in the Morning (aka Death & the Maiden); Who Saw Him Die?; A Talent for Destruction by Sheila Radley
265. Ngaio Marsh: The Woman & Her Work by B. J. Rahn (ed) Biography
266. The Cambridge Murders by Dilwyn Rees
267. Welcome Death by Dilwyn Rees
268. The Shadow of the Mary Celeste by Richard Rees
269. The Diamond Feather; Mister Smith's Hat; Murder in Shinbone Alley; Mourned on Sunday; Name Your Poison; The Dead Can Tell; The Opening Door; Murder on Angler's Island; The Farm-House; Staircase Four; Murder at Arroways; The Double Man; The Velvet Hand; Tell Her It's Murder; Ding Dong Bell; Not Me Inspector; Follow Me; The Day She Died  by Helen Reilly
270. To Fear A Painted Devil; Harm Done; End in Tears; A Demon in My View; Death Notes (aka Put on by Cunning) by Ruth Rendell
271. The Paddington Mystery; Fatal Descent; Peril at Cranbury Hall; Death of an Author by John Rhode
272. Wine, Murder, & Blueberry Sundaes by C. C. Risenhoover
273. Sweet Poison by David Roberts
Murder Most Puzzling by Lillian Robinson
274. Problem of the Evil Editor; Problem of the Missing Misses; Problem of the Spiteful Spiritualist; Problem of the Surly Servant  by Roberta Rogow
Made Up to Kill (aka Made Up for Murder) by Kelley Roos
275. Murder in Any Language; If the Shroud Fits (aka Dangerous Blondes); The Frightened Stiff; Sailor, Take Warning!; There Was a Crooked Man; Ghost of a Chance; Triple Threat (aka Beauty Marks the Spot); One False Move; The Blonde Died Dancing (aka She Died Dancing); Murder at Noon & Night (aka Requiem for a Blonde); Scent of Mystery by Kelley Roos
276. The Calculus of Murder by Robert Rosenthal
277. Until the Day She Dies by Julian Maclaren-Ross
278. Exhaustive Enquiries; Sweet Venom by Betty Rowlands
279. The Castle of the Demon; Death Takes the Low Road by Patrick Ruell
280. Death in a Mist by Elizabeth Salter
281. Murder Plain & Fanciful by James Sandoe
282. By Blood Possessed by Elena Santangelo
283. The Locked Room Reader by Hans Stefan Santesson (ed)
284. Busman's Honeymoon: A Detective Comedy in Three Acts by Dorothy L Sayers & M. St. Clare Byrne (the play version)
285. Crime on the Coast & No Flowers By Request by Dorothy L Sayers & the Detection Club
286. The Gun in Daniel Webster's Bust; The Green Plaid Pants by Margaret Scherf
287. Simon Said by Sarah Shaber
288. See No Evil by Barbara Shapiro
289. Thinner Than Blood by Stella Shepherd
290. The War of the Worlds Mystery by Philip Shreffler
291. Death on Campus by Addison Simmons
292. The Path Through the Woods by Emma Sinclair
293. The Charles Dickens Murders by Edith Skom
294. Impolite Society; Misleading Ladies; Royals & Rogues by Cynthia Smith
295. The Adventure of the Unseen Traveller by D. O. Smith
296. The Adventure of the Zodiac Plate by D. O. Smith
297. Why Aren't They Screaming?, Full Stop by Joan Smith
298. Topper by Thorne Smith
299. Unnatural Murder by Anne Somerset
300. Poison for Teacher by Nancy Spain
301. The Salton Killings by Sally Spencer
302. Nights in White Satin by Michelle Spring
303. Oxford Exit; Oxford Morning; Death Spell by Veronica Stallwood
304. 14 Great Detective Stories by Vincent Starret
305. Murder Goes to College by Kurt Steel
306. Dangerous Research, By George! by P. J. Stelzer
307. Footprints by Kay Cleaver Strahan
308. The Murder that Wouldn't Stay Solved by Hampton Stone
309. The Delting Secret; A Man Called Jones; A Criminal Comedy by Julian Symons
310. The Hangman's Handyman by Hake Talbot
311. An Air That Kills by Andrew Taylor
312. Murder at Vassar by Elizabeth Atwood Taylor
313. Mansions of the Dead, Judgment of the Grave, Still as Death by Sarah Stewart Taylor (academic mysteries)
314. The Crimson Hair Murders by D. L. Teilhet
315: Accessory After the Fact; Dead Man's Shoes; Dead Storage; Doctor S.O.S.; Still No Answer; Dead on Arrival; Dusty Death by Lee Thayer
316. Arrest of Scotland Yard by Donald Thomas
317. Secret Cases of Sherlock Holmes by Donald Thomas
318. The Long Revenge; A Dying Fall; A Question of Identity; Not One of Us; Portrait of Lilith; Sound Evidence by June Thomson
319. Murder on Gramercy Park; Murder on Washington Square; Murder in Chinatown; Murder on Mulberry Bend; Murder on Bank Street by Victoria Thompson
320. My Name Is Martha Brown by Nicola Thorne
321. To Prove a Villain by Guy M. Townsend
322. Murder on Trial; Death at Deepwood Grange; Victim of Circumstance by Michael Underwood
323. The Winter Murder Case by S. S. Van Dine
320. The Garden Murder Case by S. S. Van Dine
324. Discretion of Dominic Ayers by Michael Vaughn
325. The Professor Knits a Shroud by Wirt Van Arsdale
326. Fallen Women by Marian Veevers
327. Murder Will Out by Roy Vickers
328. The Duke of York's Steps; Bury Him Darkly (aka Lonely Magdalen): The Verdict of You All; No Friendly Drop; Constable, Guard Thyself; Too Soon to Die; Cold Was Our Grave; The Dying Alderman; The High Sheriff; Released for Death; Heir Presumptive  by Henry Wade
329. Voices from the Titanic by James Walker
330. Murder on the Titanic by James Walker
331. The Corpse With the Floating Foot by R. A. J. Walling
332. The Bad Quarto, Debt of Dishonor by Jill Paton Walsh
333. Bump in the Night; Broomsticks over Flaxborough (aka Kissing Covens); It Shouldn't Happen to a Dog (aka One Man's Meat); Blue Murder; Plaster Sinners  by Colin Watson
334. The Eighth Mrs. Bluebeard by Hillary Waugh
335. The Quartz Eye; A Mystery in Ultraviolet; Who is the Next? by Henry Kitchell Webster
336. Murderer's Choice by Anna Mary Wells
337. Murder Gets a Degree by Theodora Wender
338. Knight Must Fall by Theodora Wender
339. The Blind Side; Who Pays the Piper? (aka Account Rendered); Pursuit of a Parcel; In the Balance (aka Danger Point); Miss Silver Comes to Stay; Out of the Past; Vanishing Point; The Clock Strikes Twelve; The Brading Collection; Lady's Bane; The Allington Inheritance by Patricia Wentworth
340. Nine Days to Evil by Nancy West
341. Murderous Schemes by Donald Westlake (ed)
342. The Smartest Grave by R. J. White
343. A Second-Hand Tomb by R. J. White
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349. Death by Degrees by Robin Wilson
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352. The Night the Gods Smiled by Eric Wright
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355. Dead in the Morning; No Medals for the Major; Silent Witness; Cast for Death; The Dost of Silence; Speak for the Dead; Admit to Murder  by Margaret Yorke
354. If the Dead Rise Not by Philip Kerr **historical mystery/thriller
355. On Murder by Thomas de Quincey **essays
356. Borges & the Eternal Orang-utan by Luis Fernando Verissimo **mystery & literary commentary
357. Decline of the English Murder by George Orwell **essays
358. The Private Memoirs & Confessions of a Justified Sinner by James Hogg **Romantic (time period) fiction/Scottish literature
359. Fool by Christopher Moore **retelling of the story of King Lear
360. Sherlock Holmes: The Hidden Years by Michael Kurland **mystery/short stories
361. House of Ghosts by Lawrence Kaplan **WWII, historical mystery
362. Forever, Erma by Erma Bombeck **humor, non-fiction
363. The Journey that Saved Curious George by Louise Borden **nonfiction, memoir
364. Eating People Is Wrong by Malcolm Bradbury **academic satire
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366. The Joy of Reading: Confessions of a Life-long Reader; The Joy of Books by Eric Burns **Commentary; Reading
367. Loose Woman: Poems by Sandra Cicernos
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372. Freedom & Necessity by Steven Brust & Emman Bull **historical fiction
373. Danse Macabre: Francois Villon: Poetry & Murder in Medieval France by Aubrey Burl  **Historical
374. The Killings of Richard III by Robert Farrington **historical thriller
375. Royal Blood by Bertram Fields **speculative history
376. Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier **historical fiction
377. Takeoff! and Takeoff Too!! by Randall Garrett **Science Fiction, short stories
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389. Dorothy L Sayers: Wimsey & Interwar British Society by Terrence L Lewis **literary biography
390. Diaries & Letters of Anne Morrow Lindberg by Anne Morrow Lindberg **autobiography
391. Unprofessional Behavior by Will Manley **Librarians/books
392. The Man Who Became Sherlock Holmes by Terry Manners  **Jeremy Brett
393. Black Beech & Honeydew by Ngaio Marsh **autobio
394. Memoirs of a Bookman by Jack Matthews **books
395. Ngaio Marsh by Kathryn McDorman **bio
396. Clear Pond: The Reconstruction o fa Life; A Clear Space on a Cold Day; Homage to Beatrix Potter by Roger Mitchell  **poetry
397. 100 Love Sonnets by Pablo Neruda  ** poetry
398. Beyond Uhura by Nichelle Nichols  **autobio
399. Grave Circle by David Nolta  **academic mystery
400. The Blood-Stained Bridal Gown by Joyce Carroll Oates  **historical mystery
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402. The Whimsical Christian by Dorothy L Sayers
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405. The Girls of Murder City by Douglas Perry
406. A Very Private Enterprise by Elizabeth Ironside
407. Riddle of Berlin by Cym Lowell
408. The Last Letter From Your Lover by Jo Jo Moyes
409. The Purple Cloud by M P Shiel
410. Four Days' Wonder by A. A. Milne