Super Book Password

Noah and John are the winners in the the third round of Super Book Password. Noah correctly guessed my first Movie Title ("Bringing Up Baby") and John has snagged the points on the second ("Around the World in 80 Days"). Next week will bring a new Password Category: Musical Group.

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Review Policy

Information for Authors, Agents, & Publishers

*Please read this statement BEFORE contacting me about a review. 

*This is primarily a BOOK blog.  Any reviews that I do here will be for books or book-related products and challenges.  Please do not contact me requesting reviews for non-book-related products.  The answer is "no" now and will be "no" if you email me.  Also, this is NOT an advertising platform.  I will not host space for non-book-related products or websites.  Any non-book-related material that appears on My Reader's Block will be personal--to me--and will appear only because I decide (unprompted) to post.

*I would be happy to accept books for review, including ARCs.  I will accept physical copies only.  I do not own an e-reader of any sort and have no plans to do so.  I do not enjoy the electronic reading experience and, as I have told many people, there is nothing like holding a real book in my hands.

*Please send me a synopsis of the book so I can determine if it is a genre I can honestly review.  My primary interests are cozy mysteries, historical mysteries, some historical romance (no bodice rippers or Harlequins, please), some science fiction, historical fiction--primarily 18th C through WWII, and contemporary British fiction.  I am open to most other genres except: I do NOT do horror/thrillers. I am NOT interested in real life trauma/drama stories (there's enough drama in the real world, thanks), recent psychological thrillers,  paranormal romance, and I am not terribly inclined towards YA.  If you are doing a reissue of any vintage mysteries or British literature and would like a review of your particular edition, I would be very interested.

*All reviews posted on my site will be based purely on my honest opinion and will be represented as such.  I will be completely honest in my review and if my opinion is negative I will make every effort to offer constructive criticism.  By offering me a copy of your book to review, you agree to my policy of honest review and agree that I may post my review publicly on this blog (, on Goodreads, and other review sites as I see fit. If you wish to use any of my comments as promotional material, you agree to obtain my permission first.

*I will make every effort to finish every book offered to me for review.  However, it has been my experience (few and far between) that there are books that I simply could not finish.  If for any reason I cannot finish your book, I will give reasons and will state clearly that it is my opinion only.

* I agree that I will not receive compensation for my reviews in monetary form. Per FTC regulations (see below), I will post a disclaimer with each review I do for an author, agent or publisher.  I will not resell any book given to me for review.  I may, however, offer it up to friends or through a give-away on my blog.

FTC Guidelines

In accordance with the new FTC Publishes Final Guides Governing Endorsements, Testimonials for bloggers, I am posting this statement for all visitors to my blog. All reviews posted represent my personal opinions of any and/or all books read and reviewed. I will not accept any monetary compensation for books that I review at the request of an author, publisher or agent. These books are provided to me at no charge. All reviews of such will be clearly identified. I will as of this date and in the future, inform my readers/visitors as to which items I am reviewing at the request of author, publisher and/or agent and I will post a disclaimer at the end of each review.

I also post reviews of books that I have purchased or borrowed for my personal enjoyment. If you have any questions regarding this statement, please feel free to contact me.