Sunday, December 9, 2018

52 Books: Agatha Christie Perpetual Challenge

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I've been thinking for quite some time that I would like to reread (and read for the first time a couple that I've missed) the mysteries of Agatha Christie. This year I'm going to commit to Robin's Agatha Christie Perpetual Challenge over at 52 Books. It's a low-pressure, on-going challenge that simply asks the challenger to read three novels per year. I'm going to try to read them in chronological order. I am modifying the original challenge a bit--I will only be reading Christie's work. I most definitely will NOT be reading Sophie Hannah's version of Poirot and it is unlikely that I will read those by Charles Osbourne. If his novelizations of Christie's actual work are readily available to me, then I might. But I do not consider them part of my commitment for the challenge.

1. The Mysterious Affair at Styles (1/18/19)
2. The Secret Adversary (1/25/19)
3. Murder on the Links  (3/9/19)
Commitment Complete! Still Reading.
4. The Man in the Brown Suit  (4/13/19)
5. Poirot Investigates  (5/12/19)
6. The Secret of Chimneys  (6/6/19)

7. The Murder of Roger Ackroyd (1/9/20)
8. The Big Four (2/27/20)
9. The Mystery of the Blue Train (3/1/20)
Commitment Complete! Still Reading.
10. The Clocks [audio version--out of order] (6/12/20)
11. The Seven Dials Mystery (6/14/20) 
12. Partners in Crime (6/24/20)
13. The Mysterious Mr. Quin (7/6/20)

Agatha Christie/Charles Osborne
The Unexpected Guest (10/17/19)

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