Thursday, July 15, 2021

Bugs Bunny

 Bugs Bunny (#152; Sept. 1973) Contains Bugs Bunny stories featuring three of his Looney Tunes frenemies. 

"The Robbing Robot": Bugs and Porky Pig are out to secure a $100 reward by putting a stop to the thieving ways of a super-strong, near-indestructible robot. They try a super-magnet and a live wire to short-circuit it. Nothing works until Bugs has one final idea...

"Tooth or Consequences": Yosemite Sam is on the hunt for "Old Tooth"--a shark terrorizing the local harbor. Bugs "helps" out--first by losing Sam's lucky tooth...and then getting him a necklace full of replacements.

"Snooze News": That wascally wabbit keeps stealing Elmer's carrots--despite all Elmer's anti-rabbit traps...until Elmer learns that Bugs talks in his sleep.

Two of my reading challenges required a comic book or very short piece of reading material. I used to get comics when I was young--sometimes Bugs Bunny or other cartoon-oriented comic books, but more often the spooky or mystery-oriented ones (like Tales from the Crypt or The House of Mystery). My husband collects comics--especially Looney Tunes and Disney. It was fun revisiting my childhood with this volume of Bugs Bunny comic stories.

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