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Attention All Challengers! here on the Block has been, shall we say, challenging since I got back from vacation. I cam back to work to no computer (not hooked up after our office move) and my laptop at home has gone on strike. It looks like the Check-in Posts for the Just the Facts & Mount TBR challenges will wind up happening at the end of July instead of the regularly scheduled mid-point. But they are coming. Stay tuned!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Quote It! Saturday

Freda's Voice has an awesome Saturday meme called Quote it! I have another blog, Quote Mistress, which is entirely devoted to quotes--I collect quotes like black clothes collect link. So, my Saturday Quote It! may be found on my quote site (yes, I'm shamelessly trying to get you to go look at my other blog).

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fredamans said...

Thank you for mentioning it here also!