Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Christmas Spirit Reading Challenge MizB at Should Be Reading just asked us on Musing Monday whether we had any special reading that we do as it gets closer to Christmas. And I said: "" Because, you know, I don't. At least I didn't until The True Book Addict announced that she's sponsoring The Christmas Spirit Reading Challenge where we need to read Christmas books. And I think we've alread established that I can't resist reading challenges......

For full details, hop on the link above and check out the challenge site. In short, to participate you have to read Christmas kid's books. The challenge will run from November 26th to January 6th. The levels are:

Candy Cane: read one book
Mistletoe: read two-four books
Christmas: read five or six books

I'm signing up for the Mistletoe level. I'll list books read below, with review links and dates as they come along.

1. A Christmas Carol & Other Christmas Writings by Charles Dickens (11/28/10)
2. Mistletoe Mysteries collected by Charlotte MacLeod (12/8/10)
3. Christmas Stalkings collected by Charlotte MacLeod (12/11/10)
4. A Christmas Grace by Anne Perry (11/29/10)
Bonus Reviews:
5. Envious Casca by Georgette Heyer (12/13/10)
6. The Haunted Tea Cosy by Edward Gorey (12/13/10)
Merry Christmas!
Mistletoe Level complete (12/11/10)!

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