Friday, November 26, 2010

Five Question Friday

Five Question Friday is a meme hosted by My Little Life (Five Crooked Halos).

Rules for Five Question Friday: Copy and paste the following questions to your blog post, answer them, then watch for the linky to appear Friday morning and link up! (I'll make sure to get this week's up bright and early for all you Black Friday shoppers...possibly even a bit after midnight?!)

Question for Friday, November 26th: Today's Questions all come right off the top of my wee lil' brain! (PS...feel free to come to my community to offer up your best question suggestions...we're in need of some new ones!)

1. What is your favorite part of a Thanksgiving meal? If I have a traditional Thanksgiving meal (which we didn't this year), then my mom's stuffing (real, bread stuffing/dressing--none of that cornbread stuff for me, thank you).

2. Are you a host or a guest for Thanksgiving this year? I hosted this year. Made my mom her favorite meal--my homemade Cashew Chicken and Fried Rice. I told you you were were non-traditional this year.

3. When you think of one Thanksgiving tradition, what comes to mind?
Family get-togethers.

4. You have two pieces of pie in front of you and you HAVE to eat you choose pumpkin or pecan? Pecan. I hardly ever have the chance to have pecan...pumpkin appears at every Thanksgiving (even non-traditional ones).

5. Are you a Black Friday Shopper? Every other year when my parents spend Thanksgiving with us. I go shopping with them. But when it's Thanksgiving with the husband's family, I sleep in on Black Friday.

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