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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Reading Challenge Addict 2012


Well, I haven't really started gathering my Challenge collection for 2012 yet--BUT anyone who knows me also knows that I'll be collecting them like they're going out of style before too very long. So, of course I'm going to have to sign up for the Reading Challenge Addict Challenge sponsored by Cheryl at CMash Loves to Read and Gina at Hott Books. And, I'm not going to mess around this year...I'm just going to head straight for the most addicted level.

Yep. I'm in for Out of This World (16+ Challenges entered and completed). I will list them below as I sign up. Come and join us in our Challenge madness. Just click on the link above to check out the original site and link up for 2012.

1. Reading Challenge Addict Challenge   (Complete 12/21/12 )
2. Getting Lost in a Comfortable Book  (Complete 7/18/12)  
3. Vintage Mystery Reading Challenge 2012  (Complete 7/23/12) 
4. 150+ Reading Challenge 2012  (Complete 11/26/12)
5. Mount TBR Reading Challenge  (Complete 12/8/12)
6. Read Your Own Books (Complete 3/14/12)
7. Back to the Classics 2012   (Complete 11/25/12)

8. League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Challenge  (Complete 6/12/12)  
9.  Bucket List Reading Challenge (Complete 5/6/12)
10. Antonym Reading Challenge  (Complete 11/30/12)
11. Cruisin' Thru the Cozies 2012   (Complete 10/23/12)
12. Off the Shelf 2012   (Complete 12/1/12)
13. 12 in 2012  (Complete 7/21/12)   
14. 2012 TBR Challenge  (Complete 9/24/12) 
15. What's in a Name 5  (Complete 8/8/12)  
16. Wishlist Challenge  (Complete 10/23/12)
17. Mystery & Suspense Challenge 2012 (Complete 3/10/12)
18. European Reading Challenge
(Complete 4/7/12)

19. A-Z Book Challenge  (Complete 10/15/12)
20. Death by Gaslight Reading Challenge  (Complete 11/5/12)
21. Mixing It Up Challenge  (Complete 12/1/12)
22. The Pratchett Reading Challenge (Complete 1/19/12)
23. 2012 Science Fiction Experience
(Complete 2/29/12)

24. 52 Books in 52 Weeks
25. Goodreads Challenge 2012 (Complete 11/23/12)
26. Stephen King Project  (Complete 10/8/12)
27. The Chunkster Challenge  (Complete 8/32/12)
28. Color Coded Challenge  (Complete 8/27/12)
29. A-Z Mystery Author Challenge  (Complete 10/3/12) 
30. Birth Year 2012--Honors  (Complete 7/31/12)  
31. Criminal Plots 2012  (Complete 6/17/12)
 32. What an Animal V (Complete 4/3/12) 

33. Classic Bribe Challenge   (Complete 9/2/12) 
34. Olympic Reading Challenge (Complete 8/12/12)
35. R.I.P. VII (Complete 9/16/12) 
36. Fall into Reading  (Complete 12/15/12)  
37. Christmas Spirit Challenge 2012 (Complete 12/21/12 )

*Oh, look, it's only November 14, and I've already got 15. Almost got enough to meet my goal. Better go look for a few more challenges....
*Dec 1: Up to 18!
*January 18, 2012. Thirty! And the year has barely begun....(I have at least one more calling my name...)
* you can see...I listened.


CMash said...

WooHoo..another addict!! Glad to meet you and so glad you have decided to join in on the fun!! Stop by often throughout the year and let us know your progress. Also, our resident Queen Addict Bev, usually will find more challenges for us to join.
See you in a couple of weeks!!!

Bev Hankins said...

Um...Cheryl. I AM Queen Addict Bev. Back for more--cuz I haven't conquered my addiction yet.