Saturday, January 22, 2022

Star Trek: Voyage to Adventure

 Star Trek: Voyage to Adventure
 (1984) by Michael J. Dodge

Mystery...Adventure...Time Travel...all this and more await the reader of this Which Way Book (a choose-your-own-adventure-type) who finds herself assigned as an Ensign aboard the legendary U.S.S. Enterprise with Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock and the rest of the crew. Solve the mystery of the Klingon spy. Travel through time with Mr. Spock. Investigate the mysterious messages from an alien race. And try to avoid slip-ups that will result in your own destruction.

I loved the Choose Your Own Adventure Books from the time I ordered my first one (The Mystery of Chimney Rock) through the Scholastic Book Club order form in elementary school. Being a Trek fan, I immediately scooped this one up when it came out in 1984. And enjoyed it immensely. It was just as much fun revisiting this story now. I love the way Dodge has packed this small book with so many coherent adventures. Short and to the point, but full of mystery adventure to make reading fun for kids--and adults. ★★★★

First lines: You are an Ensign in Starfleet, just graduated from the Starfleet Academy. Because of your high scores as a cadet, you have been assigned to the starship Enterprise, commanded by Captain James T. Kirk.

Last line (of my favorite ending): Ask them if we can give them a ride home...without the dilithium crystals, of course.


Deaths (usually your own) = 11 (one accident; four shooting; three electric shock; one attacked by alien; one asphyxiated; one smashed by falling rock)

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