Monday, January 17, 2011

Does This Make Anybody Else Cringe?

I found this on a lovely little blog that I follow: Content in a Cottage. She posts the most amazing pictures that she finds all over the web and those that she takes herself as well. She doesn't know where the original came from--just where she found it on the web.

She comments that this is amazing. I agree. It's an absolutely amazing exhibit of creativity. It's even quite lovely. But my book-lover's soul is cringing. Somebody has taken a perfectly fine old book (look at what good shape it is in...tight binding, clean pages) and have CUT IT UP. (Pardon my capitals, but I'm a bit disturbed.) You're telling me the artist in question couldn't have used a notebook full of blank paper to do this instead of a book?!

Maybe I'm just a bit of a fanatic when it comes to books...but the only way I could even possibly think this was a good idea was if we had made something positive out of something negative. Like, say, some particularly nasty bit of racial hate-mongering literature. But it would be nice if I knew that, so I could stop cringing.


Marce said...

Oh I absolutely LOVE book art. has some amazing shots. My Challenge I Want More is another piece of book art. LOVE LOVE LOVE, totally inspirational to me :-)

If I had a book cafe, book art would totally be a part of it.

Sorry it makes you cringe.

Lit Addicted Brit said...

I didn't even know book art existed...and I think I was happier that way! It is beautiful but, like you say, were there no blank notebooks around?! Ooh, it hurts my feelings...

I'm now going to dillude myself into thinking that book was all kinds of '-phobic' to make myself feel better!