Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Back to the Classics Challenge


I didn't sign up for the Back to the Classics Challenge last year and I wasn't sure about this year. But I've put together a list using quite a few books planned for other 2021 here we go again! At the most basic level, challengers must complete six categories (for one entry in the year-end drawing). Nine categories will equal two entries and all twelve categories will equal three entries. I'm going to officially enter for six categories. I'll probably finish nine and might manage all twelve, but once I have six I will be able to claim the challenge for my Challenge Addict tally. If you'd like to see the full details and/or join in, please click the link above.

My tentative list:

1. 19th C Classic: Wylder's Hand by J. Sheridan Le Fanu (1864)
2. 20th C Classic: Death of a Busybody by George Bellairs (1942)
3. Classic by a woman: The Convenient Marriage (1934) OR The Talisman Ring (1936) by Georgette Heyer
4. Classic in translation: The Song of Roland  (1100) trans. by Dorothy L. Sayers (1957--this edition)
5. Classic BIPOC Author: The Conjure-Man Dies by Rudolph Fisher (1932)
6. Classic by new-to-me Author: The Cosmic Computer by H. Beam Piper (1963)
7. Classic I haven't read by a favorite Author: The Watsons by Jane Austen (1805)
8. Classic about an animal or with animal in title: One Lady, Two Cats by Richard Lockridge (1967)
9. Children's Classic: The Mystery of the Stuttering Parrot by Robert Arthur (1964)
10. Humorous/Satirical Classic: The Bishop's Jaegers by Thorne Smith (1932)
11. Travel/Adventure Classic: Journey Into Fear by Eric Ambler (1940)
12. Classic Play: Lady Windermere's Fan by Oscar Wilde (1893)


Ruth said...

Hi, Bev,
I am planning to read a couple of books on your list in 2021. I have Austen's The Watsons for my Women's Author category and Song of Roland (trans. by Harrison) for my Medieval project. My copy of The Watsons includes Lady Susan and Sanditon, which I'm just including all three in the category bc their so short anyway.
Well, good luck!

Bev Hankins said...

Ruth, I'm interested to see what Sayers does with the Song of Roland. I've read her translation of Dante and thought it really well done.

Cleo said...

Death of a Busybody sounds so interesting! I loved The Song of Roland and hope that you enjoy it! Have fun with your list!

Lisbeth said...

Thank's Bev, your post made me join this challenge. Looking forward to exchanging views on the good old classics.

Bev Hankins said...

Thanks, Cleo & Lisbeth!