Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cat Among the Pigeons

"Another term has begun at Meadowbank, a prestigious, well-respected British girls' school. The indomitable headmistress is preparing to retire and name her successor. There is a disconcertingly mature Middle Eastern princess among the students and several new staff members in residence. And a brand-new sports pavilion is the pride of the campus.
But the school year suddenly takes a deadly turn when one of the teachers is found shot to death. As the investigation ensues, it becomes clear that the killer was not an outsider—and equally clear that no one at Meadowbank is who he or she seems to be. It is up to Hercule Poirot to determine who is who—and, more importantly, what has drawn the killer to the school—before anyone else falls victim to the cat among the pigeons."
Dame Agatha never ceases to entertain. This book has it espionage, missing jewels, kidnapping...and, of course, murder. It was truly delightful to take a break from Dante's Divine Comedy for a little mystery and mayhem in a British girls' school. Working in education myself, I always enjoy a good bit academic murder. Hercule Poirot comes in late to the game, but when he does the "little grey cells" are firing on all cylinders and he soon gets right to the heart of the matter. As always, Dame Agatha pulls off a bit of sleight of hand and had me suspecting the wrong person. One of these days, I'll guess correctly. Four stars out five.

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