Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Bohemian Girl

The Bohemian Girl by Kenneth Cameron is the second in his series about Denton, an American ex-patriot, former sheriff, and famous author, who finds himself embroiled in mysterious circumstances. This time he and his servant/friend Atkins have just returned from a trip to Eastern Europe (and a period of imprisonment on false charges of spying) to find a letter of entreaty waiting for Denton. A young woman has written to say that she is in danger and needs his help. The search for the young woman leads Denton to the bohemian haunts of artists--to places where the line between genius and madness is very fine. Just who was Mary Thomason? And has she disappeared voluntarily or has the expected danger caught up with her?

There is a second mystery following Denton. A certain Albert Cosgrove has become enamored of the famous author. He sends many notes begging to meet Denton and asking for signed copies of Denton's books. It soon becomes clear that Cosgrove's obsession has become dangerous and it soon begins to threaten those that Denton cares for as well.

Kenneth Cameron weaves a very enticing historical mystery. Set in the late Victorian/early 20th Century, Cameron manages to set the period without forced cockney accents or contrived trappings. His strong characters carry the story to an exhilarating finish--everyone from Denton to his manservant to the members of the police force are finely drawn. He also manages to tell a tale of the relations between men and women; the difference between love, sex, and perversion; and the difference between the necessary violence and the lust to provoke pain. This is an enjoyable read--one that was difficult to put down. And I particularly enjoyed watching the development of Denton...watching his struggles with love and the memories of the past which seem to threaten that love. I eagerly await the next installment. Four stars out of five on Visual Bookshelf.


redhead said...

got linked to you through RMR, this sounds like a fun book!

it sounds like it's got a lot going on, slightly cracked (aren't they all?) artists, dangerous stalkers, lots of good stuff. What's the title of the first book, so I can start there?

Jennifer said...

This sounds like an interesting mystery series. I haven't heard of it before, but I'm going to start looking into it.