Saturday, September 25, 2021

Challenges Complete!

I have now completed every category in my Vintage Scattergories Challenge for 2021. That's a total of 80 books in both the Gold and Silver eras. This must be the year for mega-reading, because not only have I completed every category in both eras for the first time since I devised the scattergories version of the challenge BUT I have also, after ten years of hosting the Mount TBR Challenge, finally conquered Mount Olympus. Mount Olympus requires the participants to read at least 150 books from their own teetering TBR stacks. I normally manage Mount Everest (100 books) just fine, but have never managed that last fifty on Mars. 2021 is THE year! If you're interested in what I read for the challenges, the lists may be found at the links.


neer said...

Remarkable, Bev. Well done. You are having a very good reading year and there are still three months to go! Wondering how many you'll able to finish by the end.
I have finished the Golden Vintage scattagories challenge but am trying to find a book for all the categories:)

Bev Hankins said...

Thanks, Neer. It's been nice to get back to the reading levels that I had when I was younger. Don't know that it will last beyond this year. But we'll see.

I hope you have good luck finding books for the remaining categories!

A. Rivera said...

Bravo! Sounds like you are having a good reading year indeed. Best, and keep on reading.