Saturday, December 10, 2011

Test Your Vintage Mystery Knowledge

The absolutely fabulous John over at Pretty Sinister Books is hosting a trivia contest designed to tempt those of you who think you know your stuff. He's put together a fiendishly clever set of clues to keep even the most devious-minded mystery-lover busy for hours. But, hey, detective fiction readers tend to like puzzles and I think you should all give it a go. I know I'm going to--even though I know that John knows WAY more about vintage mysteries than I ever will.

There are prizes available as well! Prize level is awarded based on number of correct answers with first place to the one who gets them all or the most right, second for the second highest, etc. He's awarding one point for each answer correct. If you miss a few in any given group you won't be penalized as being wrong.

So--if you're a mystery lover--what are you waiting for? Click on John's blog above and go test your mystery knowledge!

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J F Norris said...

Mucho gracias, Bev! The more hyperlinks, the more entries...I hope.

I already have one contestant's answers. He confessed to making lots of guesses using a combination of intuition and his reading knowledge and guess what? Most of his guesses are correct! Mystery readers are good at this kind of thing.