Saturday, December 24, 2011

And Even More We Give Books

I'm in the Christmas spirit and just wanting to give books to kids (and enjoy a little light reading in these hectic days before Christmas). So...I've read another book and donated to We Give Books. This time it's The Spy-Catcher Gang a historical graphic novel by John Kelly which works as a great way to tell kids about World War II. It focuses on Tucker, a London boy who is living through the Blitz and who stumbles across a suitcase that seems to belong to a spy. Kelly uses the story to drop in all kinds of background information about the War--in a nice and low-key way.

And...I've added Goodnight iPad by Ann Droid (hee!)--a parody of the children's classic Goodnight Moon. And, oh my, yes!
Goodnight gadgets--one and all. This is definitely a tale for the modern age. The light of all those glowing screens--from tvs to computer to Kindles and iPads--is definitely enough to block out the moon. Let's say goodnight and turn off the glow (and the modems and electronics that go beep in the night...).

Added on Christmas Day: The Hat by Jan Brett. This is another beautifully illustrated story by Jan Brett. Hedgie the hedgehog manages to get himself stuck in a woolen sock blown from a wash line. The other animals make fun of his new hat....but then they wind up wanting one of their own. A very cute story.

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