Thursday, July 14, 2011

It's Tuesday, Where Are You? (On Thursday)

It's Tuesday, Where Are You? is a meme hosted by An Adventure in Reading. And even though it's not Tuesday, she's decided to ask us where we are. The object is to tell us about the book you are reading by describing where you are fictionally. To join in, post about where you are and link up in the comments at her place.

At the moment I'm headed to Crofton, England in the company of Lord Peter Wimsey, his man Bunter, and Inspector Parker. According to Unnatural Death by Dorothy L. Sayers "Crofton is a delightful little old-world village, tucked away amid the maze of criss-cross country roads which fills the triangle of which Coventry, Warwick and Birmingham mark the angles. 'Mrs. Merdle' [Wimsey's Daimler] purred her way delicately round hedge-blinded corners and down devious lanes, her quest made no easier by the fact that the Warwick County Council had picked upon that particular week for a grand repainting of signposts and had reached the preliminary stage of laying a couple of thick coats of gleaming white paint all over the lettering."

So...maybe we'll get there...and maybe not.


Gigi Ann said...

I left New York City and headed north to a small New Hampshire town nestled in the mountains.

raidergirl3 said...

I haven't read any Sayers. Do they have to be read in order? There are a lot of them though. Where would you recommend me to start with Peter Wimsey?

"Even though it's not Tuesday" I actually thought it was Tuesday. summer is a great time.