Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Best of Mystery: Review

The Best of Mystery: 63 Short Stories Chosen by the Master of Suspense--Alfred Hitchcock. Is one terrifying book. Not only because of the murder and mayhem, blood-curdling and blood-thirsty stories contained in its pages....but because of its sheer size. This is is one hefty book that could easily be used as the proverbial blunt instrument in a murder mystery of its own. In these pages you'll find clever cops and cold-blooded killers, 80-year-old Aunties that you don't want to tuck you into bed and an 11-year-old blackmailer who can outwit the best of them. You'll find a man who's much too happy to be a widower, a tired policeman ready to grab the big prize, and a man who finds a nasty surprise in his trunk. Then there's the 70-year-old woman who discovers a serial killer in the family tree....and who also finds that some traits do run in the family. Best friends who want to share everything...including murder. And the contract killer who doesn't realize that the finger is on him this time. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. These stories are by such mystery luminaries as Ed McBain, Lawrence block, Edward D hoch, Patricia Highsmith, Donald Westlake and others. We even have offerings from literary lion Hillary Waugh. There's a lot of great reading to be had in this huge doorstop-sized book. And with the short story format it's perfect for settling down to read for a bit before bedtime....if you don't mind taking thoughts of murderers and corpses to bed with you. Three stars.


Col (Col Reads) said...

Sounds like a Kindle edition would have been appreciated!

Bev Hankins said...

Well, perhaps by some. Not by me. I'm a book-in-the-hand kind of girl myself. Even if they are a bit hefty.

wutheringwillow said...

You're so lucky, Bev! The Best of Mystery: 63 Short Stories Chosen by the Master of Suspense has been on my wish list forever. But I have yet to get my hands on a copy and given where I am right now it may be a while before I can. Sigh!