Sunday, July 31, 2011

Crime Fiction on a Euro Pass

Well, I gave it some thought and gave it some thought. Bev, do you really need to sign up for another challenge? Why, yes. Yes, I do. Kerrie over at Mysteries in Paradise dangled this little goodie in front of me back on June 26. I thought I could resist. I should have known better.

The idea of this challenge is to embark on a 12 stage European Journey in Eurail Pass style.

Kerrie is our travel agent and she have chosen 12 destinations for your journey over 12 weeks starting on Monday 1 August.

The challenge is simple really.
Connect your fellow to a blog post on your site that relates to crime fiction in the country we are visiting. The meme will enable us to share our knowledge and perhaps point out new reading opportunities to each other.

You can choose one of the following (or something more imaginative)

  • a book review (create a new one or revive an old one)
  • an author profile
  • a reading syllabus for crime fiction either set in this country, or written by authors from this country.
You may vary your choice from week to week, or set your own limitations.
It is ok to miss a week if life intervenes.

Sign up for the challenge now with Mr Linky - see Kerrie's site (link above).

Please advertise the challenge with a post on your own site after you've joined up on Mr Linky.
Feel free to use the logo.

The stops on our journey will be

  1. Monday 1 August - England - this is our starting point, and as with all the countries we visit, you can choose exactly where your post takes us. My choice: Oxford.
  2. Monday 8 August - Spain/Portugal My choice is Madrid.
  3. Monday 15 August - France My choice is Le Bosquet.
  4. Monday 22 August - Holland/Belgium My choice is A C Baanjter
  5. Monday 29 August - Denmark My choice is Mikkel Birkegaard
  6. Monday 5 September - Germany My choice is Philip Kerr
  7. Monday 12 September Austria My choice is Vienna
  8. Monday 19 September - Switzerland My choice is Montarazz
  9. Monday 26 September - the Czech republic My choice is Prague
  10. Monday 3 October - Italy My choices are Tuscany & Florence
  11. Monday 10 October - Greece My choice is Corfu
  12. Monday 17 October - Turkey My choice is Istanbul
Challenge complete 10/16/11


Anonymous said...

What a perfect way to beat the heat and take a vicarious vacation. I'm looking forward to these posts. Looking at the countries listed, I realized I could only do England and Turkey (love those Kemal Pasha mysteries by Jenny White). I'm woefully ignorant about the state of crime fiction elsewhere.

Carol said...

Um, sorry, Bev. Didn't mean to be anonymous.

Bev Hankins said...

No problem, Carol. I figure I'm going to be educating myself on a few of these....