Wednesday, April 13, 2022

The Curse of Maleficent (mini-review)

 For all the "good" and all the "bad" creatures in the world. For as the saying goes, the difference between a hero and a villain often depends on perspective.
~The Curse of Maleficent (2014) adapted by Elizabeth Rudnick

Sleeping Beauty has always told the story from the side of the "good guys." Princess Aurora and her true love Prince Phillip vanquishing the curse from the evil fairy. This book--based on the movie--gives us the story from the "villain's" point of view. And shows us that things aren't always black and white; that evil has deep roots and sometimes love gets twisted into hate. And, if we're lucky, just might get another twist that will bring it back to love.

The artwork in this story is gorgeous and the motivations behind Maleficent's actions are interesting. There is a good basic plot here, but it didn't feel like it was realized as fully as it could have been. The characters should have been flushed out a bit more and a bit more action and less telling would have gone a long way. ★★

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