Thursday, May 26, 2011

Theme Thursday: Conversation

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This week's theme is Conversation.

Here is my selection from The Bloody Wood by Michael Innes (pp. 26-7):

"It brings in the whole business of love."

"It certainly does."

"The cruel madness. May I fly that net."

Appleby was startled. For now the young man was really speaking out of some vivid experience--experience more sudden in its impact than could have been his gathered perception of the present state of affairs at Charne. And experience, surely, that was strictly traumatic, that might really wound or maim.

"I'm not clear," Appleby said slowly, "as to what this is about. But I think that the cruel madness may really be in what you are saying and feeling. For it's a denial of life to decline the richness of experience just because in the end there may be a bill to pay."

"People can do insane things, when in the net of love, passion, even affection. I know."


fredamans said...

Fantastic snippet!

Dentists West Hollywood said...

That really was, and meaningful for my life right now. So would you say this is a good book? I've been in the market for some new, Summer reads!


Bev Hankins said...

@Sara: I'm not very far in yet--so I can't say for sure. But I really like Michael Innes. This is a mystery story written in 1966.

kavyen said...

Does it fit in the genre of 'A mystery story that you can't put down?'