Tuesday, May 24, 2011

24-Hour Electronic Withdrawal

We were hit with a major storm last night. Nothing compared to what the poor folks in Joplin are facing (all my prayers for folks in that area!). But we were out of electricity for about 24 hours and phone for part of that and it made me realize how dependent we are--or at least I am--on electronics these days. No phone, no internet, no air conditioning...not a single luxury. When the power went out yesterday afternoon, you should have heard the cry of anguish from my son's room:

It seemed awful that I couldn't get on and blog. Updates for Tuesday memes will come as soon as possible. But the worst part was that it was so darn dark outside that it was impossible to even read. I didn't want to use up all our battery power by running flashlights and our portable lantern constantly, so I didn't get much non-electric stuff done either. On the plus side, my son sat down and talked to me for the longest straight period of time since I don't know when. Power outages aren't all bad.....

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Karen Jones Gowen said...

As hard as it is, we would probably all be better off if the power went out for two hours each week, preferably from 1 to 3 on Sundays.