Thursday, May 5, 2011

Challenge Complete: Location, Location, Location

Just this afternoon I finished off this clever little challenge. It finally got nice enough that I was able to do some reading in the outdoors. Here are the rules that I had to follow for the challenge:

Choose one place from each category. It's up to you - you can do one of the suggested places, or you can pick one from your life that you think fits.
  1. Read in that category for at least one hour. Ten minutes six times counts and sixty minutes one time counts, you get the picture.
  2. Wait for March 30, June 30, September 30, and December 30 to see if you're the lucky finisher that was drawn for a prize.
Twist Your House - somewhere inside your house that you have never sat & read before
Place of Commerce - somewhere that things are sold
Move - just somewhere where you are moving through space
Nature - sitting/standing on something that isn't manmade
You Don't Call HomeOut of state. At your neighbor's house. Hotel.
Probably Shouldn't - Think work, church, grocery shopping.
In Pairs - someone else in the room is reading their own book too

Seven hours of reading in a place that you probably wouldn't normally. That's the challenge. Sponsored by I Heart Monster. Go HERE for the full description and to sign up. You know you want to.

And here are the places I used to fulfill my challenge commitment:

Twist Your House: On the futon in my son's room (one of the few places in my house where I haven't read...about the only other choice was the laundry room, but with our new stacked washer/dryer set up there really isn't a comfy--or semi-comfy--way to read in there) [Complete! 4/28/11]
Place of Commerce: weekly (sometimes twice-weekly) trips to Jiffy Treet (ice cream place) [Complete! 2/18/11]
Move: In the car to/from work [Complete! 2/11/11]
Nature: Outside under my maple tree [Complete! 5/5/11]
You Don't Call Home: The Hospital [Complete! 4/20/11]
Probably Shouldn't: At work [Complete! 2/9/11. Don't tell my boss....Oh wait, it's an English Department. I don't think they'll mind.]
In Pairs: With Hubby in the living room [Complete! 2/4/11 Now to talk him into Paris.]

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