Tuesday, July 17, 2012

It's Tuesday...Where Are You?

It's the third edition of the recently resurrected It's Tuesday, Where Are You meme sponsored by raidergirl3.  Every Tuesday we can share what we're reading by describing the setting. You can answer in the comments on the It's Tuesday, Where Are You post (click, click, click), you can make your own post on your blog, whatever you like!
This week, I'm visiting Elizabeth Gaskell's North and South of England.  We start out at the comfortable parsonage home of the Hales in Hampshire (the south) and follow them to the industrial town of Milton in the north.  Here is Margaret Hale describing her beloved home (wistfully, since they have had to move):

I loved the home we have left so dearly! I wish you could see it. I cannot tell you half its beauty. There are great trees standing all about it, with their branches stretching long and level, and making a deep shade of rest even at noonday. And yet, though every leaf may seem still there is a continual rushing sound of movement all around--not close at hand. Then sometimes the turf is as soft and fine as velvet; and sometimes quite lush with the perpetual moisture of a little, hidden, tinkling brook near at hand. And then in other parts there are billowy ferns--whole stretches of fern; some in green shadow; some with long streaks of golden sunlight on them--just like the sea.

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