Friday, December 24, 2010

Murder Is Suggested: Review

Murder Is Suggested by Frances and Richard Lockridge is another outing with my favorite New York couple, Pam and Jerry North. Is it murder by hypnotism? Can a subject be convinced by a good hypnotist to kill? A well-known psychologist is found shot in his office. Captain Bill Weigand must determine if this is a murder of revenge, murder for money, or murder by suggestion. And this time Sergeant Mullins is feeling pretty good about the case--because the Norths aren't in it. Until he finds out about the cats. It seems the psychologist and his protege have been doing experiments with cats. And where there's cats, at least in Mullins' mind, the Norths are soon to follow. Of course, he's right and we're soon following Pam and Jerry through the maze of hypnotic suggestion to a late-night session in the professor's laboratory to bring an end to this spell-binding mystery.

The Lockridges are up to par in this latest outing. An interesting mystery with a hypnotic twist. I thoroughly enjoyed this romp throught the subconscious and as always loved Pam's unique take on things. Four stars out of five.

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Tasha said...

Murder by hypnotism? I'm intrigued!