Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Book Blogger Scavenger Hunt 2011

In case, like me, you just don't have enough reading challenges and what-not to keep you busy in 2011, here's a nifty blog scavenger hunt sponsored by Reading With Tequila. The Book Blogger Scavenger Hunt is Reading with Tequila's year long contest for 2011. This contest will be based on the 2010 Book Blogger Recommendation List. The list was compiled from the data acquired through a survey of 54 book bloggers favorite books in November of 2010. Each month she will post the name and description of a book recommended by only one blogger on the survey. Hunters will then be off and running to find blog reviews and posts about the book and will return to Reading With Tequila to claim points. For the full details of the Scavenger Hunt rules and point system, use the Hunt link above and check out Tequila's post. Sounds like a great time! Hope you join me.


Birdie said...

LOL You waited 'til I was out of town to post this one, didn't ya? Well, it's not REALLY the same as a challenge in the "I will commit to X many books" way, so you're safe. LOL.
This sounds like great fun and I'll have to contemplate it myself!

Bev Hankins said...

It is NOT a challenge. You will note that I did not add it to challenge area of my sidebar. It SO does not count. So, there will be no slapping.

Birdie said...

hehehehehehe. I hear ya. It's still an awesome idea, and as it is NOT a challenge, I'll have to contemplate joining you.