Friday, December 10, 2010

The Holiday Tag

Bookworm1858 has tagged everyone who reads her blog post in this little game of Holiday Tag. So, I'll do the same: If you are reading this, consider yourself tagged and fill it out! (Leave a link below if you want me to comment.)

1. When do you usually know and feel that it's finally the holidays?
Usually it's the weekend after Thanksgiving--when I get the tree and decorations up. I'm lagging this year. The tree went up late. Christmas cards got done late. And I'm still waiting for a full dose of Christmas spirit. Sat down and watched Patrick Stewart in The Christmas Carol tonight. That helped some...but needing more.

2. What do you want for Christmas this year?
Books! Books! And then some more books. That really doesn't change from year to year.

3. Do you go all out with decorations?
Not anymore. When my son was small, I put every single ornament we had on the tree. Lights blinking in all the windows. Clingy window decorations. The whole nine yards. This year I only put about a third of the ornaments on the tree (we seem to have about a million now), no lights in the windows, and we haven't done the clingy window things for a long time.

4. What are you doing Christmas eve?
Brad will probably be trying to convince me to open the presents....I'll be resisting his efforts.

5. What are you doing Christmas day?
I'm hoping to stay home. My mother-in-law, who I really do love, seems to think we need to be at her house multiple times. I'd prefer just to do the family gathering on Sunday the 26th, so I can have some down time at home.

5. It's Christmas time. What are you reading?
Christmas Stalkings, a collection of Christmas-themed mystery short stories collected by Charlotte MacLeod

6. Favorite movie to watch during the holidays?
White Christmas--that's what I need to do to get my spirit on, watch Danny & Bob dress up like dames and sing "Sisters"! I love that movie.

7. Favorite Christmas song?
"Good King Wenceslas" with "O Holy Night" as a close second.

8. Favorite holiday drink?
Can't say I have one.

9. How is your Christmas shopping going?

More than half done. It would be nice if all the packages that are "in the mail" according to the online stores would show up to be wrapped.

10. If you could spend Christmas day anywhere else, where would you spend it?
Um...nowhere else. I like spending it at home.

11. Any holiday traditions?
I have to hang my "Jingle Santa." He's a skinny little Santa Claus (about 12-15 inches long) with jingle bells hidden somewhere inside that I've had since I was about two. It's not Christmas if Jingle Santa is not hanging somewhere in the house.

12. Favorite thing about the Holidays?

Jesus. Christmas music. Family.


The Insouciant Sophisticate said...

Christmas Stalkings sounds cute; I love Christmas but have never really read any Christmas stories. Maybe I should check it out.

Unknown said...

I just started following your blog. Check me out at my name is Marenda.

Birdie said...

Bev's favorite holiday drink = Birdie's bourbon balls. ROFL.

I LOVE "Good King Wenceslas" with "The Holly and the Ivy" a very close second, and "Greensleeves" and "Silver Bells" tied for third.

Bev Hankins said...

@Birdie: True...I forgot about your bourbon balls. ;-)

Karen and Gerard said...

Sorry it took so long, but mine's up here:

I really like your last answer!