Thursday, February 17, 2011

Booking Through Thursday: Romance

This week Booking Through Thursday wants to know: What’s the most romantic book you’ve ever read? (Mind you, I don’t mean the hard-core stuff you hide in plain wrappers under your mattress. I mean True Love, Romance, deeply emotional, heart-tugging, and all that stuff.) And, secondly, did you like it? Is it your usual kind of reading, or did it take you by surprise?

Most romantic book ever? Crimson Roses by Grace Livingston Hill. First real romance novel I ever read and one of my all-time favorites (it's stuck with me over 25 years....). I had to go back and read it a couple of years ago just to see if it really was as lovely as I remembered. It was.

Short synopsis: This is a heartwarming, enchanting story by a favorite Christian romance author. When a secret admirer brings the prospect of romance into Marion's lonely life, she finds herself wondering if she can find her place in his world of wealth and glamour.

Honorable Mentions:
Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell
Persuasion by Jane Austen
The 4-book love story for Lord Peter Wimsey & Harriet Vane by Dorothy L Sayers
Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte
Miranda by Grace Livingston Hill


Unknown said...

I'd have to agree - I have every last one of GLH's books. I usually head back to The Enchanted Barn or Brentwood when I'm looking for romance, though.

jlshall said...

Oooh, I love those Harriet Vane/Peter Wimsey novels. And you're right - they are very romantic. I'm planning on re-reading them again very soon.

CMash said...

I knew your list had to include a classic...started to chuckle as soon as I saw them. waves.

Lori said...

This was actually a difficult question for me. I just couldn't choose one. Check out my answer for this week's Booking Through Thursday.

Anonymous said...

Peter & Harriet, I forgot all about them. Thanks for the reminder.
My favorite couples are Clare & Henry, Carol & Therese, Idgie & Ruth, Helva and what's-his-name and Miles & Ekaterin :-)