Thursday, February 10, 2011

Booking Through Thursday: Ground Floor

This week Booking Through Thursday wants to know:

There's something wonderful about getting in on the ground floor of an author's career--about being one of the first people to read and admire them, before they became famous best-sellers. Which authors have you been lucky enough to discover at the very beginning of their careers. And, if you've never had that chance, which authors do you WISH you'd been able to discover at the very beginning?

Well...given that I don't read much in the way of current fiction (and what I do is usually long after they've gotten popular enough that someone is recommending them to me)....there aren't many candidates for this. I would have to say Carol K Carr. Carol just sent me her debut India Black: A Madam of Espionage Mystery this past fall to read and review. This is an absolutely awesome book and I have no doubt that Carol is destined for great things in the mystery field. Watch for that name, folks! I'll be able to say "I read her when...."

If I could have been there at the beginning of Dorothy L Sayers career...then that would have been wonderful. But I don't really want to be old enough to have been there at the beginning. :-)

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CMash said...

Be still my heart lol. I will have to check out Dorothy Sayers.