Thursday, February 3, 2011

48-Hour Read-A-Thon

Unputdownables is hosting her second 48 Hour Read-A-Thon over the weekend of February 4 - 6. Since nobody in my house really cares about the Superbowl, this gives me a big event of my own for Superbowl Weekend. If you're not into football, please join me and we can encourage each other to read, read, read!

Rules and Regulations
  1. Choose a few books from your To Be Read pile that you will attempt to finish this weekend (Friday evening through Sunday night).
  2. Post your TBR Read-a-Thon books on your blog so your readers can see what you are attempting for the weekend.
  3. Challenge your readers to read along with you! (It’s OK if they don’t, but might be fun if they want to choose at least one book to participate with).
  4. Join the discussion all weekend long at #bookblogchat on Twitter.
  5. Post updates on your blog about what you are reading and what you have finished (full reviews can come later, but this will let your readers know what you are reading so they can either read along or look forward to your reviews!)
  6. Visit other blogs that are doing the read-a-long. Post comments and follow your fellow bloggers.

My Reading Line-up (Click on titles for reviews):

Death in the Garden by Elizabeth Ironside (2/4/11)
All Booked Up by Terrie Curran (2/5/11)
The Leavenworth Case by Anna Katharine Green

If I finish all those (and if I do that will finish off one of my numerous reading challenges), then I'll move on to:

Small World by David Lodge
Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald: An American Woman's Life by Linda Wagner-Martin OR
Zubin Mehta: the Score of My Live by Zubin Mehta (I am in need of a new "Z" book to replace the Zorro which I could not finish. These two auto/biographies looked like interesting candidates. I may wind up reading both.)

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Birdie said...

Oh, how fun! If I didn't have to grade a set of microthemes over the weekend (and possibly set up a new computer!!!!!!!!!!), I'd be all over this read-a-thon.
I just need to pick a weekend when the students don't have any major assignments due, and go for it.