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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Theme Thursday: Animal

*A theme will be posted each week (on Thursday)
*Select a conversation/snippet/sentence from the current book you're reading that features the theme
*Post it and don't forget to mention the author and title of the book
*Event is open for the whole week
*Link back to Reading Between the Pages

This week's theme is ANIMAL. Here is mine from Jerusalem Inn by Martha Grimes (p. 74):

And now some other fishy smell was in the air, one that only the cat Cyril would appreciate--that Racer might stumble up the next rung to a deputy assistant commissionership....

At Jury's feet at the moment was Cyril, who had slipped unobserved into the office to take his princely place on the sill behind Racer's desk. Racer hated the mangy beast (as he called him). Cyril was anything but mangy. He was copper-colored and white-pawed and divided his time between his personal grooming and outwitting the Chief Superintendent.


kavyen said...

I like the ring of "Cat Cyril" .. Copper Colored and white pawed sounds like an adorable combination.. why would he be called a Mangy Beast? hmmmm!

fredamans said...

Yeah I agree with Kavyen. Cyril sounds cool.

Ellie said...

I might read this for the "Animal Challenge". It sounds fun!

You can see what my "animal" is HERE

A Simple Love of Reading said...

Thanks for stopping by! Great "animal" teaser!

carolsnotebook said...

I think I like Cyril already.

Buffy said...

:) I like the notion of animals purposely outwitting humans.

Here's mine:

Sharon said...

AWWW I want a cat like Cyril! Fun choice!

Mine is here:

Yvonne said...

Great post! You'd think with my love of cats, my choice would have been a cat but it wasn't :)

Carol said...

I love those earlier Jury novels. I had almost forgotten the Cyril/Racer relationship, which is delightful. Some think Grimes has gone over the top with Mungo the dog, but I think she's at the top of her form with that character (would you call a dog a character?)

Crystal (I totally paused!) said...

Reminds me of my cat...I call him The Chairman lol

My segment is from Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban this week.