Monday, January 30, 2012

Winter Respite Wrap Up

I signed up for
The True Book Addict's Winter Respite Read-a-Thon hoping that it would help me get my reading mojo back and knock out some books for all those challenges I signed up for. Here's the run-down of what I managed to read this past week:

Future Crime by Cynthia Mason & Charles Ardai, eds. (64 pages to finish the book) 1/23/12
2. Murder & Magic by Randall Garrett (266 pages) 1/28/12
3. Proust & the Squid: The Story & Science of the Reading Brain by Maryann Wolfe (308 pages) 1/28/12
4. The Black Seven by Carol Kendall (275 pages) 1/29/12

Well...the total of four books and 913 pages is a bit less than I wanted. But (knock on wood) it does seem that my little reading slump has been overcome. Hopefully, I'll be able to keep the pace up.

Thanks to The True Book Addict for sponsoring again this year!

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Michelle Stockard Miller said...

Great job, Bev! You did a great job. I'm glad it helped you to get out of your slump. I sure hope you will join me for my next one. I host a read-a-thon each season so there will be one in the Spring and the Summer.