Thursday, January 12, 2012

Booking Through Thursday: Inteview

This week's Booking Through Thursday is an interview:
What’s your favorite time of day to read?
Any time, any where--especially now that life is so crazy that I have to squeeze it in when I can. BUT, if I have my druthers--then at night, in bed, all cozy.
Do you read during breakfast? (Assuming you eat breakfast.)
Yes. See first part of answer above.
What’s your favorite breakfast food? (Noting that breakfast foods can be eaten any time of day)
French Toast
How many hours a day would you say you read?
At least one hour. Sometimes more--depends on how the rest of my life is. At the moment, it's crazy and I'm lucky if I get my one hour in.
Do you read more or less now than you did, say, 10 years ago?
I'd say about the same amount. I've always squeezed in every moment of reading that I can.
Do you consider yourself a speed reader?
No. But other people (Cheryl, I'm looking at you) would probably say yes based on the number of books I average a week.
If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
teleportation--both of my self and other people/things (I would love to just whisk myself to work and not have to worry about parking)
Do you carry a book with you everywhere you go?
Oh, yeah. Can't stand the thought of being stuck in traffic, in an elevator, waiting on anything and not having something to read.
What KIND of book?
The one I'm reading at the time. Probably a mystery, but could be anything from nonfiction to poetry to a classic lit book to science fiction to.... As you can see, I'm a very eclectic reader.
How old were you when you got your first library card?
5 or 6
What’s the oldest book you have in your collection? (Oldest physical copy? Longest in the collection? Oldest copyright?)
Oldest editions (physical books): Put Yourself in His Place by Charles Reade (1870) and Hide & Seek by Wilkie Collins (1873)

Longest in my collection: Probably my 5 volume set of Nancy Drew books (1950s) that used to belong to my mom--given to me when I was 7.

Oldest original copyright: Dante's Divine Comedy
Do you read in bed?
Oh yeah.
Do you write in your books?
Why would I want to do that? Only books I ever wrote in was for college.
If you had one piece of advice to a new reader, what would it be?
Read what you love. And don't let anyone tell you what you should or shouldn't read. If you love romance novels and that's what you want, then don't worry about people who say you ought to read classics or books to improve your mind or whatever. If you don't love it, then it's not fun--it's work. And who needs more work in their life?


srivalli said...

Loved your answers especially your advice to new readers

JLS Hall said...

Loved reading your answers. And I covet all those 1950s Nancy Drews!

Gigi Ann said...

I enjoyed reading your interview. If you only read for about an hour each day, you must be a speed reader. I read at least 3 hours a day, and only get one or two books read a week.

Bev Hankins said...

Well Gigi the moment it's "at least" an hour a day. Life is so crazy busy that I squeeze it in as much as I can so it may be more. Before it was more like 3 hours a day (at least) and more on weekends. But time seems to have evaporated lately....

Yvonne said...

I love your answers, especially your last answer. I think it's very important for people to read what they like and not what people expect them to read.