Thursday, January 19, 2012

Booking Through Thursday: Skipping Ahead

This week's Booking Through Thursday question:

I saw this article the other day that asked, “Are you ashamed of skipping parts of books?” Which, naturally, made me want to ask all of YOU.

Do you skip ahead in a book? Do you feel badly about it when you do?

Normally, no I don't. If I'm skipping ahead, then that means the author isn't doing their job properly. It means that they're not holding my interest and I'm wondering if anything more exciting is happening soon....because if it's not, I'm going to start thinking about not even finishing the book.


Amelia said...

I have on occasion skimmed ahead to see where the book is going, but I've always gone back to read what I skimmed/skipped over.

I'm a romance reader and I have found myself while reading some of these books I do see myself skimming ahead over descriptions an reading just dialog.

Gigi Ann said...

I agree with you.

CMash said...

Totally agree. If I'm not hooked by page 50, the only place I skip to is, the DNF pile.

Totally Booked Solid said...

I'm a skimmer and now a new follower of you . here is my link if you wish to read and follow back.

Yvonne said...

Great answer and I agree!

Jenners said...

You gave the perfect answer. I agree 100%!

Yvette said...

Yes I admit it. I occasionally skip. But if I find my mind really wandering, I stop reading and put the book down down. That's the end of it. I can be unforgiving.

I'm with you - an author isn't doing the job if I'm skipping over stuff.

cessie said...

I totally agree with you!
And yet... I do skip occasionally. When e.g. there is a certain quoted part of text in between the story and I just want to know how the actual story will continue. But I often go back to read the quotes after that ;)
Interesting question though!