Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October Reading Wrap Up

I'm still keeping up with my love of lists and keeping track of all sorts of things (especially bookish things), so here are the vital statistics for the month of October:

Total Books Read: 10 (slacking...slacking...will never finish all those challenges at this rate)
Total Pages: 2634
Percentage by Female Authors: 50%
Percentage by US Authors: 20%
Percentage by non-US/non-British Authors: 0%
Percentage Mystery: 70%
Percentage Fiction: 90%
Percentage written 2000+: 30%
Percentage of Rereads: 20%

Percentage Read for Challenges: 100% {It's easy to have every book count for a challenge when you sign up for the Out Do Yourself Challenge. Every book I read counts towards my goal of 220 books read in 2011}

Number of Challenges fulfilled so far: Twenty-two! (65%)


fredamans said...

I thought I was slacking a bit too, but 10 is still decent. Some people read 10 a year!
Happy November reading!

J F Norris said...

10 books in a month is slacking? Geez. I have yet to exceed 12 in a month. You do need to do something about that 0% non-US/non-UK authors after completing the EuroPass Challenge. Time for me to wave my finger at you. ;^)

Bev Hankins said...

@ John: Yes. I know. I've got some sitting on the TBR pile...so I'll definitely be traveling when I start mountain-climbing....

Bev Hankins said...

Oh...and normally I read about twice that. My reading speed has slowed considerably since I took up bifocals. Ick.

Red said...

As with every month, I'm in awe of your reading stats. Your slacking month is still incredibly impressive :)