Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Challenge Complete: Georgette Heyer

With my most recent book review, I have now completed the Georgette Heyer Reading Challenge sponsored by Christina. This was a perpetual challenge with no 'official' start/end date set by the host. I've been plowing my way through the mysteries all year and am glad to be able to chalk up another complete challenge for 2011!

This was a great challenge for me. Georgette Heyer is probably best known for her historical romances. But I discovered her through my love of vintage mysteries. She has written some of the best and funniest Golden Age mysteries around and the challenge gave me a chance to re-read some old friends and to finish the last couple that I hadn't read.

Here's the list of mysteries completed:
Challenge Complete (11/9/11) !!!

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JLS Hall said...

Congrats on finishing another challenge! I really want to read some of her mysteries -- I've got several lined up for next year.