Sunday, December 1, 2019

What's in a Name? 2020

Andrea at Carolina Book Nook is back with another round of the What's in a Name Challenge. This has always been a favorite of mine, so of course I'm back for another round as well. The format is the same--six categories and one book required for each one. For full details, see the link above.

Here are the categories and my preliminary list:

1. An ampersand: The Ampersand Papers by Michael Innes (8/8/20)
2. An antonym: The Life and Death of the Wicked Lady Skelton by Magdalen King-Hall (4/25/20)
3. Four letters or less: Kept by D. J. Taylor (5/2/20)
4. A given/first name: The Murder of Roger Ackroyd by Agatha Christie (1/9/20)
5. Reference to children: Blotto, Twinks, and the Ex-King's Daughter by Simon Brett (7/1/20)
6. One of the four natural elements: Murder on the Waterfront by Michael Jahn (1/20/20)


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