Sunday, May 3, 2020


Kept (2007) by D. J. Taylor

This book did very little for me and (full confession) I did not read every word because there were SO many of the them and none of the ones I did read were interesting to me at all. The characters did not draw me in. I didn't much care who killed Henry Ireland--or why--or what happened to what his mad wife or Mr. Dixey. And there were too many other characters who kept popping in and out to keep track of. And SO many threads and secondary stories. And they were all supposed to come together--but they never seemed to. As someone else on Goodreads mentioned...if there is a real ending to this story it's very well hidden because I couldn't find it.  But I did skim enough that I feel justified counting it for various challenges. Unrated because I did not read every single word and I don't think I can give it a fair rating.

Deaths = one hit over head

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