Saturday, December 14, 2019

Virtual Mount TBR Climbing Crew

I thought challengers might like to see how many fellow climbers we have on the virtual mountain slopes--and who is tackling the same mountain. If you haven't joined us--please check out the Headquarters site in the sidebar. I will update the list periodically as more sign-ups occur.

Virtual Mount TBR Climbing Crew
Bev @ My Reader's Block (Rum Doodle)
Tari H on Goodreads (Mt. Crumpit)
Jennifer S. on Goodreads (Mt. Crumpit)
Laura @ Eiencafe (Rum Doodle)
April H (Mt. Olympus)
Simone C. (Mt. Seleya)
Cat K. (Mt. Crumpit)
Danielle Renee (Mt. Mindolluin)
Amanda L. (Mt. Olympus)
Chrisynthia C. (Mt. Crumpit)
Brittany F. (Mt. Crumpit)
Sarah I. (Mt. Crumpit)
Nikola (Rum Doodle)
Angie @ Angels Are Kids (Rum Doodle)
Al @ Mount To Be Read (Mt. Crumpit)
Margaret D (Mt. Seleya)
Jean @ Howling Frog (Mt. Crumpit)
Sarah G (Rum Doodle)
Jane @ Jane Reads (Mt. Crumpit)
Mark @ Carstairs Considers (Mt. Crumpit)
Jessica @ Reading With Jessica (Mt. Munch)

Kelly H (Rum Doodle)
Jenna @ Falling Letters (Stormness Head)
Rachel @ From Ink to Paper (Rum Doodle)
Mallory @ The Haunted Reading Room (White Plume Mountain)
Eden @ Eden's Reading Corner (Mt. Crumpit)
Barbara @ Stray Thoughts (Rum Doodle)
Laurie (Mt. Crumpit) 
Lauren: the solo librarian on Tumblr (Mt. Olympus)
Maphead's Book Blog (Mt. Crumpit) 
Neeru @ A Hot Cup of Pleasure (Mt. Munch)

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