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Deal Me In Reading Challenge

In 2017, I joined in on Jay's Deal Me In Challenge for the first time and after a year off I've decided to do another round. If you'd like to join in please click the link for a full run-down. Here's the short version of the rules:

~Compile a list of 52 short stories
~Match each story to a card from a regular deck of cards
~Have a deck of cards handy throughout the year
~Read one short story per week
~Choose your weekly story by drawing a new card from the deck. I plan to draw my card on Sunday.

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Clubs (all but King from Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine July 1958
A: "Hunting Day" by Hugh Pentecost
2: "Investigation by Telegram" by Agatha Christie
3: "The Silent Informer" by Helen McCloy
4: "The Man Who Lost His Taste" by Lawrence G. Blochman
5: "Dead Boys Don't Remember" by Frances & Richard Lockridge
6: "Lioness vs. Panther" by Q. Patrick
7: "Tea Shop Assassin" by Michael Gilbert
8: "Chicago Nights' Entertainments" by Ben Hecht (1/19/20)
9: "An Official Position" by W. Somerset Maugham (1/10/20)
10: "Wanted: An Accomplice" by Frederick Nebel
J: "For Tom's Sake" by Sheila Kaye-Smith
Q: "Carnival Day" by Nedra Tyre
K: "How Mr. Hogan Robbed a Bank" by John Steinbeck (from Ellery Queen's Anthology 1966 Mid-Year Edition (Vol. 11)

Bonus Read (to complete the 1958 magazine):
Nothing Is Impossible by Clayton Rawson (novelette)

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(All but King from Ellery Queen's Anthology 1966 Mid-Year Edition (Vol. 11)
A: "You Can't Love Two Woment" by L. A. G. Strong
2: "I Killed John Harrington" by Thomas Walsh
3: "The Grave Grass Quivers" by MacKinlay Kantor
4. "The Crime by the River" by Edmund Crispin
5: "£5000 for a Confession" by L. J. Beeston
6: "Karmesin & the Crown Jewels" by Gerald Kersh
7: "Black Mail" by Stephen McKenna
8: "Murder on St. Valentine's Day" by Mignon G. Eberhart (2/11/20)
9: "A Piece of String" by Clarence Budington Kelland
10: "The Tragedy of Papa Ponsard" by Vincent Starrett (2/4/20)
J: "The Silver Curtain" by John Dickson Carr (2/4/20)
Q: "Bride in Danger" by Ellery Queen (2/26/20)
K: "Angel Fix" by James Tiptree, Jr. (from Out of the Everywhere & Other Extraordinary Visions by Tiptree)

Bonus stories (to complete the anthology):
All at Once, No Alice by Cornell Woolrich (short novel)
The Girl Who Lived Dangerously by Hugh Pentecost (short novel)
The Clue of the Scattered Rubies by Earl Stanley Gardner (novelette)
Blind Man's Bluff by Roy Vickers (novelette)
That Was Will's Day by Aaron Marc Stein (novelette)
Taboo by Geoffrey Household (noveletre)

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Hearts (from Out of the Everywhere by Tiptree and 6 X H by Robert A. Heinlein)
A: "Beaver Tears" by Tiptree
2: "Your Faces, O My Sisters! Your Faces Filled of Light" by Tiptree
3: "The Screwfly Solution" by Tiptree
4: "Time-Sharing Angel" by Tiptree
5: "We Who Stole the Dream" by Tiptree
6: "Slow Music" by Tiptree
7: "A Source of Innocent Merriment" by Tiptree
8: "Out of the Everywhere" by Tiptree
9: "With Delicate Mad Hands" by Tiptree
10: "The Man Who Traveled in Elephants" by Robert A Heinlein (2/11/20)
J: ""All You Zombies"by Heinlein
Q:"They" by Heinlein"
K: "Our Fair City" by Heinlein

Bonus reads (to finish the book): "The Unpleasant Profession of Jonathan Hoag" (novella)  and "And He Built a Crooked House" by Heinlein 

Diamonds (from Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine October 1965)
A: "Flair for Murder" by Frances & Richard Lockridge
2: "The Three R's" by Ellery Queen
3: "The Japanese Card Mystery" by James Holding
4: "Baskets of Apples & Roses" by Victor Canning
5: "The Cherub Vase" by Alice Scanlan Reach
6: "The Labor Day Mystery" by Lloyd Biggle, Jr. 
7: "Jericho & the Dying Clue" by Hugh Pentecost (1/26/20)
8: "Want to Buy a Cat?" by Gerald Kersh
9: "The Course of Justice" by Hugh B. Cave
10: "The Great Glockenspiel Gimmick" by Arthur Moore
J: "The Theft of the Black Jupiter" by Margaret Austin
Q: "Devil to Pay" by J. F. Pierce
K: "The Sound of the Peepers" by Caroline Breedlove

Bonus stories (to finish the magazine): 
"The Right Way & the Wrong" by Sonora Morrow
Not Easy to Kill by Philip Wylie (complete short novel)

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