Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Deal Me In: "Bride in Danger"

Jay's Deal Me In Challenge has us reading one short story per week; one per card in a deck. For details, click on the link and my list of chosen stories may be found HERE.

My current selection is "Bride in Danger" by Ellery Queen (from Ellery Queen's Anthology 1966 Mid-Year Edition Vol. 11), chosen by drawing the queen of spades from the deck. Ellery has been invited as an eligible bachelor (the bride's mother is hoping to do a little more matchmaking) to a wedding in Wrightsville. He finds himself serving as a repository for various secrets and almost winds up attending a funeral for the bride instead of a reception for the happy couple. His eye for the right word helps him identify the person with murderous intentions toward Dr. Farnham's intended.

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