Sunday, January 26, 2020

Deal Me In: "Jericho & the Dying Clue"

Jay's Deal Me In Challenge has us reading one short story per week; one per card in a deck. For details click on the link and my list of chosen stories may be found HERE.

This past week's story was "Jericho & the Dying Clue" by Hugh Pentecost (found in Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine October 1965) and chosen by drawing the seven of diamonds last Sunday. It finds Pentecost's artist/detective John Jericho staying at the home of presidential hopeful Senator Willard Rice. Rice wants Jericho to paint his portrait and Jericho wants to get the atmosphere surrounding the man before he begins. But the Senator's death after an accusation of impropriety takes him from artist to detective overnight. It would look like suicide--if there had been a note and the weapon weren't missing. And, as the title implies, the Senator's supposed last words provides him with the solution to the mystery.

Up next (with a draw of the ten of spades): "The Tragedy of Papa Ponsard" by Vincent Starett (found in Ellery Queen's Anthology 1966 Mid-Year Edition)

Mystery Bingo Card #2
Clues & Cliches: Dying Message

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