Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Just the Facts 2019 Prize Winners!

It's time to take one last peek at the Just the Facts, Ma'am Vintage Mystery Challenge of 2019 and hand out some well-deserved prizes. First, I want to thank everyone who worked at filling in their detective notebooks over the year. I'm so glad you joined me in vintage mystery sleuthing. I do hope you'll think about joining me for the Vintage Mystery Extravaganza in 2020.

And now...for the prizes. First up--the drawing from all those who reported in: Steve/Puzzle Doctor @ In Search of the Classic Mystery Novel, Kate @ Cross Examining Crime, dexter96@librarything, Rekha @ The Book Decoder, Countdown John, Rick Mills (our mid-point winner!) Joel @ I Should Be Reading, and Christina @ You Book Me All Night Long. I fed your entries into the Custom Random Number Generator and it whirled and clicked and served up an envelope with....

Kate @ Cross Examining Crime

as our winner. Congratulations, Kate!

And...pulling out my magnifying glass and examining all the details in the entries, I find that our Super Sleuth of 2019 is....


who completed all 120 categories from both the Gold and Silver notebooks. That's an awful lot of hours on stakeouts and following footprints and questioning suspects! Well done!

I will be contacting both of you sometime on Thursday (1/9/20) with the prize list to choose from.

ADDENDUM: Our Super Sleuth has mentioned to me that I may have missed a competing detective. He is correct. I managed to miss that Joel also filled in every category. That being the case, I am going to declare joint winners for this year's challenge. More prizes!

Let's give our winners a final round of applause.

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Congrats, winners!!