Saturday, December 14, 2019

Mount TBR 2020 Climbing Crew

I thought challengers might like to see how many fellow climbers we have and who is tackling the same mountain. I will update the list periodically as more sign-ups occur.

Mount TBR Challengers List

Cheryl @ CMash Loves to Read (Pike's Peak)
Bev @ My Reader's Block (Mount Everest)
Tari H. on Goodreads (Mt. Kilimanjaro)
Gabrielle on Goodreads (Mount Blanc)
Laura @ Eiencafe (Mount Blanc)
Avid Series Reader (Pike's Peak)
Scarlett Y. (Mount Blanc)
Shabana (Pike's Peak)
April H. (Mount Olympus)
Mavel D. (Mt. Vancouver)
Caroline T. (Mount Blanc)
Christine R. (Mount Everest)
Cat K. (Pike's Peak)
Booked with Amanda (Mt. Kilimanjaro)
Amanda L. (Mount Olympus)
Jen P. (Mount Olympus)
Carla P. (Mount Blanc)
Meisha (Mount Blanc)
Belinda B. (Mt. Ararat)
Holly B. (Mt. Kilimanjaro)
Gary B. (Mt. Vancouver)
Lital (Mt. Vancouver)
Marda (Pike's Peak)
Catalina (Mount Blanc)
Traci aka scraptraci @ Title Surfing with Traci & on Goodreads (Mount Blanc)
Nancy R (Mount Blanc)
DesiRae J. (El Toro)
Rachel S. (Pike's Peak)
TK (Pike's Peak)
Tracy (Pike's Peak)
Crystal (Pike's Peak)
Jemima @ (Mt. Vancouver)
Erka M. (Mount Blanc)
Gilda @ gilda-elise.livejournal (Mt. Ararat)
Caitlin @ pipesandexpensivefurniture (Mt. Ararat)
Lindsay T (Mt. Vancouver)
Chrinstina P. (Mt. Kilimanjaro)
Sarah I. (Pike's Peak)
Nancy K. (El Toro)
Nikola (Pike's Peak)
Annette J. (Mouont Everest)
Stephanie @ frostbitsky (Mount Blanc)
Makensie D. (Mount Blanc)
Emanuela (Mt. Vancouver)
Ninu @ bookishloom (Pike's Peak)
Kimberly (Pike's Peak)
Lori @ escapewithdollycas (Mt. Vancouver)
Alicia K. (Mt. Kilimanjaro)
Sara @ saraisreadingwhat (Mount Blanc)
Carol Q. (Pike's Peak)
Linda S. (Mt. Kilimanjaro)
Lisa F. (Mount Blanc)
Deborah @ (Mount Blanc)
Karla (Mount Blanc)
Angie @ Angels Are Kids (Pike's Peak)
Andrea @itsareadingthing (Mt. Ararat)
Allison (Pike's Peak)
Monica (Mt. Vancouver)
Ciaran W. (Mount Everest)
Aspasia @ The Southern Bookworm (Pike's Peak)
Coletta @ Coletta's Kitchen Sink (Mount Blanc)
Charistina @ Book Tapestery (Mt. Ararat)
Cath @ Read_Warbler (Pike's Peak)
Scott P (Mount Blanc)
Leandrea C (Mount Everest)
Sue @ Carey Family (Mt. Ararat)
Joy @ A Little Reading (Pike's Peak)
Kris H (Pike's Peak)
Margaret D (El Toro)
Bonnie @ Bonnie's Books (Mt. Ararat)
Emily K (Mount Blanc)
Jovita @ Inky Impressions (Mt. Ararat)
Linda @ Shoe's Stories (Mount Blanc)
Elissa I (Pike's Peak)
Ida (Pike's Peak)
Helen @ Helen's Book Blog (Mt. Vancouver)
Lexie L (Mt. Vancouver)
Lisa (Pike's Peak)
Lj (Mount Blanc)
Johanna W (Mt. Vancouver)
Hannah @ Ivyclad Ideas (Pike's Peak)
Elizabeth W (Pike's Peak)
Mrs. Wallace (Pike's Peak)
Sarah E (Mount Blanc)
Liliyana @ The Faerie Review (Mt. Ararat)
Kate @ Books Are My Favorite and Best (Mt. Ararat)
Tyleach W (Pike's Peak)
Sue (El Toro)
Michelle @ Reading Authors Network (Pike's Peak)
Jean @ Howling Frog (Mount Blanc)
Freddie (Mount Blanc)
Stacey @ Travel the World in Books (Pike's Peak)
Sarah G (Pike's Peak)
JoAnna on Instagram (Mt. Kilimanjaro)
Cindy R (Mt. Ararat)
Chrissy @ Book Reviews by Chrissie B (Mt. Kilimanjaro)
Nohelani M (Mt. Ararat)
Stephanie R (Pike's Peak)
Nikki @ Abby and Me (Pike's Peak)
Margaret A (Mt. Vancouver)
Susanna SS (Mount Blanc)
Denise S (Pike's Peak)
Nick @ One Catholic Life (Mount Blanc)
Debra S (Mt. Vancouver)
Penny (Pike's Peak)
Sheila @ The Quiet Geordie (Mt. Ararat)
Jennifer @ The Garden of Clio (Mount Blanc)
Tiffany H @ Tiff the Book Nerd (Mt. Ararat)
Jane @ Jane Reads (Mount Blanc)
Redatt @ dreamwidth (Mount Blanc)
Caroline W-N (Pike's Peak)
Andrea @ The Overstuffed Bookcase (Mount Blanc)
Scott P (Mt. Ararat)
Katie @ KT Recs (Pike's Peak)
Kathryn W (Mount Blanc)
Anja K @ The Dilettante Bookworm (Mt. Kilimanjaro)
MarK @ Carstairs Considers (Pike's Peak)
Tracee @ I'm Shelfish (Mt. Vancouver)
Leila S (Mt. Ararat)
Benjamin B (Mount Blanc)
Daiana M @ Gutenberg's Reeds (Mount Everest)
Kinsey L (Mount Blanc)
Brittany B (Mt. Ararat)
Meghan (El Toro)
Emily (Mount Blanc)
Lilana @ Lili Lost in a Book (Mt. Kilimanjaro)
Gin (Mount Blanc)
Christy @ litsy@Chrys (Mt. Vancouver)
Kelly H (Pike's Peak)
Sylvia @ the_polyglot_reader [Bookstagram] (Mt. Vancouver)
Ari @ The Last Ever After (Mount Blanc)
Mervi @ Mervi's Book Reviews (Mount Blanc)
Reese @ Typings (Mt. Vancouver)
Francine (Mount Blanc)
CurlyGeek @ The Book Stop (Pike's Peak)
Amysue C (Pike's Peak)
Chrystal R (Pike's Peak)
Jessie (Mount Blanc)
Jovy S (Pike's Peak)
Rachel @ From Ink to Page (Pike's Peak)
Ericka (Mount Blanc)
Jennifer T (Mt. Vancouver)
Tina E (Mount Blanc)
Mallory @ The Haunted Reading Room (Mt. Ararat)
Eden @ Eden's Reading Corner (Mt. Vancouver)
Savanah S (Mount Blanc)
Tracy K @ Bitter Tea & Mystery (Mt. Ararat)
Jeanette (Mt. Kilimanjaro)
Nikki @ Abby & Me (Pike's Peak)
Maya (Mt. Vancouver)
Jocelyn @ A Little Nerd Told Me (Mt. Vancouver)
Barbara @ Stray Thoughts (Mt. Vancouver)
Serpent @ Language Learners (Pike's Peak)
Lark @ The Bookwyrm's Hoard (Pike's Peak)
Bethea S (Mt. Ararat)
Jamie C (Mt. Vancouver)
Angel @ The Itinerant Librarian (Pike's Peak)
Christine C (Mt. Kilimanjaro)
Diana on Goodreads (Mt. Ararat)
Azrael J (Mt. Kilimanjaro)
KT C (Mt. Vancouver)
Jill T (Mount Blanc)
Agnes M (El Toro)
Margaret @ Books Please (Mt. Vancouver)
Danielle F (Pike's Peak)
Kristilyn @ Dreaming of Hygge (Mt. Kilimanjaro) 
Katrina (Mount Everest)
Christy K (Mount Blanc)
Johann (Pike's Peak)
Jeanette (Mt. Kilimanjaro)
Penny (Mount Blanc)
Sue @ Book By Book (Mt. Ararat)
Bernadette @ The Bumbling Bookworm (Mount Everest)
J.G. @ Hotchpot Cafe (Mount Blanc)
Lisbeth @ The Contented Reader (Mt. Ararat)
Ashley M (Pike's Peak)
Lauren K: the solo librarian on Tumblr (Mt. Vancouver)
Maphead's Book Blog (Mt. Vancouver) 
Romila J (Pike's Peak)
Kel (Mount Blanc)
Aspasia L (Pike's Peak)
Camellia (Pike's Peak)
Neeru @ A Hot Cup of Pleasure (Mount Blanc)
Amii S (Mount Blanc)
Karen @ Seven Seven Reads (Mount Blanc)
Betül Ö (Mt. Kilimanjaro)


Jean said...

I'll be joining up soon!

scraptraci said...

thanks for the list. I have added a blog since i signed up. i will track there as well as on my Goodreads shelf

here is my post announcing my participation in this blog

Gilion at Rose City Reader said...

I'll be signing up again! I made it to the top of my 2019 mountain. Can't wait to tackle my 2020 Mt. TBR!

J.G. said...

I'll be signing up again this year! What a fun challenge this is -- I wouldn't miss it.