Saturday, December 21, 2019

Monthly Key Word Challenge Wrap-up

Well, my second year hosting the Monthly Key Word Challenge is rapidly drawing to a close. If you would like to post a link to your wrap-up post or would like to enter any final comments on your reading year with the challenge, please do so in the comments below. Since my linky provider has limited the number of "link parties" I can do, I won't be able to have you link up through a form.

Thanks so much to all who have joined me in the this challenge both this year and last. I've enjoyed hosting, but I am also pleased to hand the reins back Kim who started it all at Bookmark to Blog. Please be sure to join me in 2020 as I participate in Kim's version of the challenge: 2020 Challenge Post (at Girlxoxo)


Jamie Ghione said...

Here's what I read:

Joel said...

Here's mine:

Malin said...

Thank you for hosting this year's challenge. I finished my reading challenge literally on New Year's Eve. I'm just going to link the relevant Goodreads shelf, which will also have all my reviews for the books I read for the challenge in 2019: