Saturday, June 15, 2013

TBR Pile Challenge: Checkpoint #6

Adam from Roof Beam Reader is once again asking us to check in with our progress in his 2013 TBR Pile Reading Challenge. 
Don't mind me....over here in my corner....making very slow progress this year.  BUT I did manage to finish off one book during the May 21-June 20th time period.  AND if I throw myself into it I just might manage another.  That would leave me with three more books to read to meet the challenge and five if I want to read the alternates as well. 
The first book on the list, Death at Crane's Court had been sitting on my shelf for at least five years and I finally conquered it at the end of May.  I'm currently working on Break Any Woman Down, a short story collection, by Dana Johnson (one of my MFA students during her grad student days at IU--I was the Creative Writing Secretary while she was here).  So far, I've read only the first story in her collection. **Update (6/17/13): Finished Break Any Woman Down!

My two favorites so far: A Private History of Awe and Slippage.  I tried to start the Wharton book about a month ago, but just wasn't feeling it.  Hopefully, it will go down better when I try again.

Here's my complete list:

1. Death at Crane's Court by Eilis Dillon (1987) [read 5/23/13]
2. A Private History of Awe by Scott Sanders (2006) [read 4/27/13]
3. Break Any Woman Down by Dana Johnson (2001) [read 6/17/13]
4. Poems & Prose by Christina Rosetti (1998--this edition)
5. Black Widow by Patrick Quentin (1952) [read 4/3/13]
6. A Perfect Red by Amy Butler Greenfield (2005) [read 3/22/13]
7. The Web Between the Worlds by Charles Sheffield (1979) [read 1/21/13]
8. The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton (2006--this edition)
9. Slippage by Harlan Ellison (1997) [read 1/19/13]
10. Aaron's Serpent by Emily Thorn (1962) [read 2/22/13]
11. The Hollow Chest by Alice Tilton [aka Phoebe Atwood Taylor] (1988--this edition)
12. The World's Best 100 Short Stories III: Mystery by Grant Overton, ed. (1927) [read 2/24/13]

A Bullet in the Ballet by Caryl Brahms & S. J. Simon (1984)
The Mummy Case Mystery by Dermot Morrah (1988) 


Anonymous said...

you are doing a great job! i have only read 2 of my titles. ack!

Angie said...

Great job on your climb! :) I have been slow and steady climbing my mountain. I have read 20 of my 25 books to make it to the top! I am so close I can feel the breeze and see that snow on the top of the mountain. I just have to keep up my pace and I'll reach the top in no time! :)