Monday, June 24, 2013

Library Books Read-a-Thon: Day 3

Library Books Read-a-Thon

June 22 - June 28

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Today Rachael has asked us to post some pictures of our local library.   Here are a few:
image credit
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I took this picture.
From late-April to mid-October 2012, 22 large fiberglass brains took over the city of Bloomington and Indiana University's campus. The installations were part of the Brains Extravaganza, a project that brought city institutions together to promote "brain awareness, education, injury prevention, recovery, and the importance of movement on mental and physical health." This brain was stationed outside the public library.
I took this picture.
Our local library is really cool. Every summer they run a themed children's program--and in the last five years or so they've added an adult reading program (with prizes!). Everything from hunting for buried treasure in the books they find at the library to camping out to this year's "Read & Get Moving" (combining a reading program with activities to get kids active too). One of the first years that my son and I participated (he was only two--but there was a level for pre-readers). The theme was "Science & Fiction." I thought it was SO cool that they had this giant model of the Enterprise displayed above old main entrance.   They have since renovated and that ledge is gone.


Rachael said...

Your library sounds so awesome. I wish our library offered more summer reading programs for adults. I reached my last year in the teen category and can no longer participate.

Anonymous said...

Your library looks great. It is amazing how much a good library system adds to a community.