Wednesday, June 5, 2013

How Not to Murder Your Grumpy: Review

Carol E. Wyer is a lovely, funny lady.  I have appreciated her humor since I discovered her blog before her first novel (Mini Skirts & Laughter Lines) came out.  I looked forward with eager anticipation to the review copy of How Not to Murder Your Grumpy which she arranged to have sent to me at the earliest possible moment.

In the book she offers us all sorts of tips on how to keep our husbands amused and out of our hair once they decide to retire. I'm not quite there yet, but I certainly know the male species well enough to know how they can get underfoot if they're home with their spouse too long too often.  The tips she offers range from the intellectually interesting (stamp collecting, bird watching) to the interestingly obscure (Korfball, anyone?) to the downright unusual (rabbit show jumping?).  And the commentary that accompanies these suggestions range from the mildly amusing to the more infrequent laugh-out-loud hilarious.

Which brings me to my take on the was a pleasant enough read and it did provide amusement, but I'm afraid it wasn't quite as funny as anticipated.  I have to say that I have laughed and chuckled far more often when reading Carol's blog than I did while reading her how-to book on keeping the hubby entertained.  A nice quick read for a solid three-star outing which just didn't quite knock it out of the park for me. 

[Disclaimer: This book was sent to me as a review copy by the author. My review policy is posted on my blog, but just to reiterate...This review copy was offered to me for impartial review and I have received no payment of any kind. All comments are entirely my own honest opinion.]


Carol E Wyer said...

Many thanks indeed for reviewing Grumpy, Bev. I appreciate your comments and value your honest opinion. This was a new venture for me, with it being non-fiction.
I am glad it still managed to make you laugh in places but quite understand why you might prefer the more personal tone of my blog or earlier novels.
I hope the next novel will have you tittering again and that you keep dropping by the blog.
Carol xx

Unknown said...

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